6 ways to boost your step count this summer

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14 July 2021

To celebrate our Fitbit Charge 4 giveaway* on the 31st of August, we want to spur you on to keep stepping this summer. Adding more steps into your daily routine is a great way to keep energised, stay fit and improve your overall health. Every step counts.

That’s why we’ve come up with 6 fun, helpful ways for you to boost your step count this summer.


  1. Take the stairs

Taking the stairs might be old news, but it does work. Opting for the stairs over a lift or escalator at any chance you get adds up. The incline also helps to get your heart rate going. It might seem like a small habit to switch in your daily life, but little differences add up. You’ll have built up a boosted step count before you know it.


  1. Walking meetings

If you work in an office, chances are you spend most of your workday in the chair. And with work taking up a big chunk of the week—it’s a good idea to get some extra movement in where you can. Walking meetings have seen a rise in popularity since the pandemic began. Many claim it offers benefits such as improved focus, productivity and creativity.

You can also attend virtual walking meetings by dialling into a call from your phone. It might seem weird at first, but this new way of working can add a big boost to your daily step count—and it could see some surprising work benefits too.


  1. Cleaning

Wiping, scrubbing, cleaning and mopping might not feel like exercise. But those small steps add up to a big total at the end of the day—and you might even get your heart rate going too. Cleaning is also therapeutic for the mind. It helps us wind down from racing thoughts, and it also means we can reap the benefits of a clean environment in our emotional worlds too. So next time you’re dreading the usual stint on the treadmill—opt for a refreshing summer clean up instead.


  1. Start a step challenge

It’s suggested that starting a habit with a friend can boost motivation and keep you accountable. On the days when you’re not feeling up to it, they can spur you on to keep going. And you can do the same for them too. Starting a step challenge is a great way to add some healthy competition into the mix. It encourages you to get those extra steps in—whenever you can.


  1. Pick your parking spot wisely

If you are driving, another handy tip is to park your car in the furthest spot from the entrance. We’re tempted to always go for the quickest option. But parking a little further away is another good way to boost your step count. Carry bags from the shop to your car, that extra bit further. Walk to work that extra bit longer. All these small changes can add up to a boost in your health. If you’re feeling really motivated, leave the car at home and walk the whole way. That is sure to give your step count a boost.


  1. Drink more water

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways we can look after our health. After all, the body is over 60% water. It’s essential to aid digestion, regulate body temperature and support brain function. But how can this benefit your step count too? Well, all those trips to the tap can add up. And all that water will increase your steps to the bathroom. So this one is a great all-rounder to boost your overall health.


If you have our My Healthy Advantage Plus App, you can also keep an eye on your activity with our handy step tracker. Happy Stepping!

*exclusive to Health Assured clients only.

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