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03 August 2015

After the fun-filled days of summer, moving back into the routines of the school year isn't always easy. There could however be a few different things you could try that would make the transition easier.

  • Routine: Use the last few weeks of summer to get into a school-day rhythm. For example have your child practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning
  • Independence: Get your kids ready for independence in the classroom by talking ahead of time about responsibilities he's old enough to shoulder. This might include organising their school materials or toys at home, writing down shopping lists, and practising their reading at the table
  • Storage: At home, you could designate a spot where school things, like backpacks and lunch boxes always go to avoid last-minute mad dash in the morning. You might also have your child make a list of things to bring to school and stick it by the front door.
  • Preparation: Avoid a daily battle by making homework part of the everyday routine. Establish a time and a place for studying at home, even if it’s the kitchen table, it really helps if kids know that’s where they sit down and do homework, and that it happens at the same time every day. You could multi task while being on hand to help, reading the paper or cooking dinner.
If it is your child’s first time at school see the following website for more useful tips and advice

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