How to Become a More Mindful Person

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17 August 2017

We all have heard of the concept of becoming more mindful. But what does that actually mean in our everyday lives? Is it strictly tied to various forms of meditation or breathing exercises? It can be, according to the experts, but in actuality it is more practical and something you can even do on a daily basis. Utilize the ideas below to become a more mindful person, and your body and mind will thank you.
  1. Take a walk outside. Taking a breather outside is one of the most mindful things you can do. Walking in and of itself is very therapeutic. Taking a walk, a break in the middle of your day or early in the morning, calms the mind, increases creativity, and facilitates greater awareness of your surroundings. Mindful people make a point of doing this whenever they have the opportunity.
Excerpt from Psych Central, read the full article here.

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