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20 October 2020

A carer refers to any person that is providing a family member or friend support with daily activities such as washing and food preparation.


This may be due to a physical impairment, or mental health concern. Being a carer for another person can be extremely stressful, especially whilst balancing other life challenges such as maintaining school, college, or work expectations.


Carers Assessment

A carer’s assessment is provided by local authorities to identify any current, ongoing, or future support a carer may need. Part 1, section 10 of The Care Act 2014 requires local authorities to complete the assessment for any adult caring for another adult family member or friend. The assessment aims to understand how providing care has, is or will affect your wellbeing, physical health, mental health, and work abilities.


Applications can be made through your local social services who will contact you to arrange an appointment. The local authority will use the assessment to identify if there are any temporary or long-term support that they can provide to help alleviate any stress or pressure you may be feeling. These can include offering temporary or long-term respite, financial advice, and access to local support groups.


Young carers

A person is a young carer if they are providing daily support for a family member or friend and they are under the age of 18. The care and support (Children’s carer’s) Regulations 2015 gives rights to young carers and their families to access support through their local authority. Young carers can access this support through their local social services department within the council. It is vital that young carers support demands do not have a detrimental effect on their emotional, psychological, and physical needs.


Support from College or School

A young carer will be attending an educational institute whilst providing support at home which can cause increased stress if they are not aware of the situation. Reaching out to a trusted teacher can allow you to access any support that may be available. This can include a safe space to talk, extra time to complete tasks or accessing young carers groups.


Further Support and Financial Advice

As a carer, you may be entitled to access various benefits and allowances available through the local government. These can include Carers Credit which is available for any person caring for another for 20 hours or more or Carers allowance. More information about benefits entitlement can be found through Turn2us who offer free benefits advice. You can visit their webpage or contact them on 0808 802 2000.


Additional information about the support that may be available be ascertained through Carers Direct who offer free advice on their helpline 0300 123 1053.



The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 aims to provide more consistent and long term sustainable support for carers and young carers by making Adult Carer Support Plans accessible through the local council. These plans assess the ongoing support needs of the carer, assist with the creation of emergency plans, and can arrange respite from regular caring.  More information about support available can be accessed through the Care Information Servicesv on 0800 011 3200.


Northern Ireland

The Carers and Direct Payments Act (Northern Ireland) 2002 gives carers the right to have their needs assessed by Health and Social Services through an ‘assessment of needs’. This should identify any relevant services available, support needed and any potential risks if support is not provided. More information about this assessment can be accessed through indirect.


Republic of Ireland

The Health Service Executive (HSE) recognises the importance of providing support for both adult and young carers and have created accessible resources for support in your local area. You can access respite services, medical equipment, or caring aids through your Local Health Office.  More information about accessing these services can be found through the HSE webpage.



If you need to access our services to discuss any wellbeing concerns you may have, our confidential helpline is available 24/7, 365.


Alternatively, if you have access to the My Healthy Advantage app (iOS & Android), you can view a variety of wellbeing resources including articles, videos, mini health checks and 4-week programmes, all aimed at improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

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