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20 December 2018

According to a YouGov poll, around 4.2 million people in the UK have said they will commit to complete Dry January in 2019.


Since 2012, not-for-profit organisation Alcohol Change UK has encouraged millions of people to change their drinking habits, and to help create a more informed and balanced drinking culture across the UK. This has been achieved by hosting the annual movement Dry January.


To take part in the awareness campaign, participants are asked to give up consuming alcohol from New Year’s Day, to the 1st February.


Why do Dry January?

If you are considering joining the millions of people who have taken part in Dry January, you may be happy to know that there are many health benefits associated with reducing your alcohol consumption, they include:


Improved sleeping habits: Alcohol can exacerbate certain sleep conditions, like snoring, and without it you can increase the quality of your sleep, thus making you more energetic and active.

Weight loss: Considering a pint of beer contains 215 calories, and a glass of wine includes 126, giving up on alcohol for 4 weeks can make a noticeable impact on your weight.

Skin benefits: Alcohol can reduce the amount of water to moisturise your skin, causing it to appear rough, dry and flaky, consequently making it more prone to sensitivity and itching.

Financial savings: According to Alcohol Change UK, the average person spends £50,000 on alcohol in their lifetime. To find out how much money you could save, click here to try their online Unit Calculator.

Mental health: By achieving your dry month target, you’ll receive a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, thus positively impacting on your mental health.


Is Dry January for charity?

Every year, Alcohol Change UK provide life changing online advice and support to thousands of people in search of help as a result of their drinking habits.


Despite Alcohol Change UK being a registered charity, Dry January is largely focused on your own wellbeing and the health benefits associated with a reduction in alcohol consumption. However, if you wish to raise funds through your Dry January efforts, there are two options available:


  1. Donate what you save: You might find that you save a significant amount of money during your month-long detox. You could decide to donate some of what you have saved to Alcohol Change UK, to support the work they do to reduce the harm caused by alcohol in the UK.


  1. Sponsorship: The other way to make your Dry January make a difference is by getting sponsored for your dry month. To help gather signatures, you could add in extra challenges, such as a 5k run or an indoor rock climb.


To set up your fundraising page for Dry January 2019, click here.


Dryathlon 2019

To coincide with Dry January, Cancer Research UK have set their own detox challenge - the Dryathlon. Similar to Alcohol Change UK’s campaign, participants are asked to cut out alcohol for the month of January. The most significant difference being that along with raising awareness of the health concerns that are linked to excessive alcohol consumption, a Dryathlon is an opportunity to raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK.


To make a pledge, access fundraising materials and to test your willpower, click here to access Cancer Research UK’s dedicated campaign page.


Did you know?

- In the UK, there were 337,000 hospital admissions related to alcohol consumption in 2016/17.

- Alcohol was a factor in almost

24,000 deaths in the UK in 2017.

- 13% of all deaths in reported UK road accidents are attributed to at least one driver being over the drink-drive limit.

- Around 200,000 children in England

live with an alcohol dependent parent



If you feel as though you have issues with your alcohol consumption, or if you have any other mental or physical wellbeing concerns, please call our helpline on:

0800 030 5182

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