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15 July 2019

Summer has officially arrived. The days are longer, the weather is hotter and everyone’s moods are generally lifted thanks to the added hours of daylight.


However, despite the many benefits of the summer months, there are many wellbeing risks that employees can face.


Summer health risks

While many of us look forward to the hotter days of the calendar, many employees dread the arrival of the summer months.


Often associated with enjoying the outdoors and catching rays of sunshine, there are a variety of health risks linked to the summer, such as:

- Skin cancer

- Dehydration

- Hay fever


Summer wellbeing strategy

To help combat these health risks, it’s recommended that you plan a summer wellbeing strategy for your team members - ensuring that they stay fit and well throughout the season. Otherwise, you may discover negative consequences towards your organisation’s productivity, performance and absenteeism.


To help prevent this, we have listed some suggestions that you can include in your summer wellbeing strategy:


Getting active

Summer is the perfect time to encourage your team members to take advantage of the warm weather and take up a sport or physical activity that they are interested in. If you have enough willing members, why not sign them up for a tournament after work hours? Or start a running club in the week?


Walking lunches

If you have team members who don’t have the time to take up physical activity before or after work, then consider starting a walking lunch initiative.


With your employees taking their breaks outside and being active together, you’ll find that they will feel happier, less stressed and more sociable with one another. All of which will make a positive impact on your workplace environment and productivity.


Holiday wellbeing

With many of your employees likely to spend a part of their summer on holiday, it’s wise to focus your wellbeing strategy on employee health while on holiday. This could include providing information on different vaccinations, travel apps, sun protection, travel insurance and special offers in appropriate shops.


Bear in mind that not all your employees will be going on holiday this summer. This could be due to a financial issue, not having enough annual leave days or that they are using their allotted days elsewhere in the calendar year.


Considering this, perhaps you could offer suggestions of local outdoor events to ensure that everyone has been included.


Focus on health

Focusing on common summer health conditions can be a great way to improve the wellbeing of your team members that are suffering from the hotter climate. For example, distributing a communication that educates employees on pollen counts and how to track them throughout the summer can help your team take proactive measures to alleviate their symptoms.


Another common health concern for employees is dehydration. If your team members become dehydrated, this can negatively affect their productivity and work performance.


A simple way to combat this would be to promote the importance of being properly hydrated through promotional materials and internal communications. You could even extend your strategy to highlight alcohol consumption, explaining the implications of drinking too much and the associated risk factors.



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