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25 July 2017

Concerns about relationships and finances can have a huge impact on our performance at work. It’s therefore crucial that businesses look to support employees with their entire life. As a law firm partner for many years, I have always been interested in optimising team performance. But it was only when I took over as managing partner of our business in the UK and Africa that I recognised the extent to which our health, both physical and mental, needs to be treated as a core business issue. Top of your game Law is an exciting, fast-paced career. We want our people to be able to operate at the top of their game over a long period of time, so being in peak condition, physically and mentally, is important for us as individuals and for the business. If people are not well, it impedes our company’s ability to give the best to our clients and may even become a risk issue. So, like any sportsman or woman, looking after ourselves and each other and building our resilience is key: better nutrition, fitness, sleep and so on. Prevention mechanism Businesses should adapt their approach to health and wellbeing by focusing on prevention rather than cure. At Hogan Lovells, we now have an integrated approach to wellbeing, promoting the physical and mental health of our people as a positive business driver. We try to prevent problems developing by helping people to spot issues in themselves or in colleagues and having support readily available. For example, we moved our counselling service onsite a few years ago, offering this on a self-referral basis. We also engage with our onsite service providers such as occupational health, the catering team, and our gym provider to deliver a comprehensive programme of activity all year round.   Excerpt from City AM, read the full article here.

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