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16 October 2019

The best way to help your employees deal with the personal and work-related issues that might get in the way of their performance—that’s an employee assistance programme (EAP). Offering a structured way to deal with physical and mental health issues, as well as legal and financial difficulties, they’re an indispensable wellbeing tool.

Here are five great reasons to put an EAP in place:

  1. They increase mental wellbeing: 39% of employees in the UK and Ireland* have experienced poor mental health in the last year, with work as a contributing factor. An EAP will give these people somewhere to turn to.
  2. They make helping employees much simpler: 70% of managers say there are barriers to them providing mental health support*. With an EAP in place, this is so much easier—the helpline and structured counselling options are easy to signpost.
  3. They help with the stress of making ends meet: 24% of employees cite financial difficulties as a major stressor*—while an EAP isn’t a magic solution, the information and guidance available can make all the difference.
  4. They reduce pressure, and make life easier for everyone: 52% of those suffering mental health issues at work cite pressure as a main factor*. With an EAP, that pressure is reduced by the compassionate, confidential guidance and support available.
  5. They reduce stress, improve productivity and slash sickness absence: according to a study by professor of psychology Cary L Cooper, an EAP can cut absence by 45%, with productivity rising by as much as 8%.

So, if you want to see happiness soar, costs reduced, absences fall and productivity rise, an EAP from Health Assured offers amazing return on investment.

Talk to us today to learn more about how your business will be better off with an EAP—call 0844 892 2493.

*Mental Health at Work 2019 Report, BITC

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