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20 January 2022

The best way to help your employees deal with the personal and work-related issues that might get in the way of their performance? An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). EAP's offer a structured way to deal with physical and mental health issues, as well as legal and financial difficulties, they’re an indispensable wellbeing tool that will revolutionise workplace culture. 

Here are five great reasons to put an EAP in place:

Making mental health a priority

One in six British workers are affected by mental health problems like anxiety, depression and stress every year¹. An EAP will give these people somewhere to turn to. Confidential counselling support helps employees to overcome their issues with proactive intervention. Employees can access help quickly and cost-free. They’ll feel supported, and are likely to make a quicker return to work as a result.

Employee wellbeing made simple

55% of employers said they would like to improve staff wellbeing but don’t feel they have the training or guidance². An EAP can provide this essential guidance to managers, and employees directly. You can easily signpost employees to the helpline for instant 24/7 support. And because this is an external service, employees have complete confidentiality. This encourages employees to reach out for help, despite the mental health stigma that persists in the workplace.

Reduces work-related stress

A 2020 survey³ showed that 79% of British workers commonly experience work-related stress. Work stress is a major trigger of poor mental health. Overwhelming workloads, fast-paced environments and lack of guidance can leave employees frustrated, overworked and exhausted. An EAP can provide essential support and help employees overcome these challenging times. 

Helps with financial worries

The 2020 survey³ also showed that financial stress is the second most common cause of stress, with over 60% of people interviewed identifying this as a trigger. An EAP can provide professional financial advice and support to employees. And while it may not be a magical solution, the information and guidance available can make all the difference.

Improves productivity & absence

Absenteeism can rack up hefty costs for employers and shatter team morale. It’s an issue employers simply can’t ignore, and it can often be a difficult one to resolve. According to a study by professor of psychology Cary L Cooper, an EAP can cut absence levels by 45%. When employees feel valued and supported at work, regular absenteeism declines and productivity improves. The overall workplace culture becomes more open, and employees are more likely to speak up if they need help.

If you want to boost workplace wellbeing, reduce business costs and improve productivity, Health Assured's EAP offers a leading service that's trusted by over 50,000 organisations.

Talk to us today to learn more about how your business will be better off with an EAP—call on 0844 891 0353.


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