Health Assured launches mental wellbeing app with Thrive Therapeutic Software

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15 June 2020

The UK's leading health and wellbeing provider, Health Assured, has launched a mental wellbeing app for their clients through an exclusive partnership with Thrive Therapeutic Software.


The mobile app will complement Health Assured's established range of mental health and wellbeing services, including their 24/7 employee assistance programme, My Healthy Advantage app and an online portal.

Thrive, which is the only corporate wellbeing app approved by the NHS, is a whole of workforce solution tackling common stressors such as sleep, bereavement and workplace issues by offering individuals a range of evidence based tools and supports relaxation methods such as mindfulness and sleep improvement. The CBT-based app can detect, prevent and manage stress as well as pre-screen for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression using NHS endorsed tools. The clinically effective wellbeing app additionally provides comprehensive and personalised ROI data, enabling users to measure impact and recovery. Users needing immediate help are signposted to suitable external support services.

David Price, CEO at Health Assured, said:

"With one in four people in the UK predicted to suffer mental health issues at some point in their lives and the COVID-19 pandemic causing new challenges such as increased anxiety and stress. Many employers across the country are grabbling with the complexities of identifying and supporting employees with mental health issues, especially when a vast majority of employees are now working remotely.

"We're confident that the addition of the Thrive: Mental wellbeing app to our corporate wellbeing offering will play a big part in helping employers to enhance the support they currently bring to their employees' mental health and wellbeing during these unprecedented times. The app already impacts many lives positively, and Health Assured is delighted to be working Thrive Therapeutic Software."

Dr Andres Fonseca, CEO at Thrive Therapeutic Software, said:

"Employers have a really tough job on their hands, now more than ever. The importance of supporting the wellbeing of employees has never been more prevalent and given the current situation we find ourselves in with this global pandemic, finding effective ways to support employees is a big challenge. We have seen a sharp increase in our service usage since the outbreak of Covid-19, which is not surprising. As we all return to normality in one way or another, more and more challenges will come our way.

"Our service is such that it can scale to support employees quickly and effectively; which fits the same ethos as the service provided by Health Assured. By working together, we're able to not only effectively support those who do need immediate support, but it allows organisations to give employees the tools to proactively looking after their wellbeing. We're delighted to be working in partnership with Health Assured and are excited to see how the service takes shape to support millions of employees proactively."

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