How to Manage Stress In The Workplace

Stress can manifest itself in individuals of all backgrounds, in any walk of life and can be triggered by many different things.

One of the places where stress is more likely to be felt than others is the workplace, and since people react differently to this pressure, it is important that this is handled correctly.

If you are looking for ways to teach employees how to manage stress and look after their wellbeing, then we have put together an article which will help you.

Read on to take a step forward in reducing stress in your workplace.

Know the symptoms

While those struggling from large amounts of stress will display signs of this differently, there are a few common symptoms which you may want to look out for, especially during busier periods.

Some of the more obvious traits of a stressed individual can include an increased level of self-destructive behaviour, for example, drinking and smoking a lot more than usual. These symptoms can be hurtful to both physical and mental wellbeing, and therefore these individuals should seek help as soon as possible.

how to manage stress

Other, less obvious signs of stress can include a lack of sleep, which could be visible in appearance as well as tearfulness, nail biting and teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

In addition, irritability can indicate that an individual is experiencing stress, which can often be displayed through snapping at colleagues or spending more time alone.  Restlessness, which can be seen through the inability to sit still, is another common symptom.

How to reduce stress

While stress is a part of working life, and therefore can never be removed completely, there are some stress management tips that can help employees deal with this in a better way.

A stress management workshop is a great way to ensure that staff feel able to do their jobs, feel motivated and happy to come into work, resulting overall, in good levels of productivity.

This is due to the fact that the workshop will cover ways to spot triggers and symptoms of stress, through staff members’ cognitive, emotional physiological or behavioural responses.

By learning these triggers and symptoms, employees will both be able to evaluate and manage their own wellbeing and help others if they notice they are suffering with their workload.

These workshops will also offer tips for managers on how to support their employees best and provide learning materials which can be taken home and referred back to later.

Further care

In some cases, individuals may need an extra helping hand to help them through a difficult situation.

One great way of offering this, is through intervention methods such as an EAP programme. These programmes take a proactive approach to workplace wellbeing and give employees a place to turn to if needed.

 how to manage stress

Our trained experts will be able to offer advice on how employees can improve their personal resilience and teach healthy coping methods to utilize in difficult times.

There are many steps which can be taken to make stressful periods much less difficult for staff and turn them into a learning experience.

If your staff are suffering from stress, or any other issues, and you need further help or guidance then our team of expert advisors will be more than happy to help. Simply give us a call, or contact us through our website, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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