Implementing a summer motivation programme for employees

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25 May 2019

Summer is a time of year that many of us look forward to. However, for many employers it can be a difficult time to maintain productivity and incentivise staff.


In the workplace, the summer months often result in higher amounts of employee absences due to holidays, as well as a drop-off in productivity and employee focus.


So what can employers do to ensure that the workplace does not take a hit when the thermometer rises? Below we have detailed a number of staff incentives that you can implement to help you retain productivity levels and employee focus during the summer months.


Plan ahead

Firstly, you need to plan ahead. You will need to review which employees are absent from work, look at what departments will be affected the most and plan accordingly. This way, you can implement the right resources to avoid experiencing a downturn in productivity.


You should also discuss with the employee’s concerned what work needs to be completed whilst they are away. A little forward planning can go a long way.


Summer treats

Another recommended incentive includes embracing the summer weather and treating employees to some well-deserved refreshments. Think ice cream, lollies and fruit juices, and distribute them to your employees as a way of saying thank you and that you appreciate their efforts.


Team building activities

These activities can range from a short, problem-solving activity, to a mini-break lasting a couple of days. And whilst some employees may see team building activities as a ‘nice break’ from work, they do have a serious purpose - to develop the skills and knowledge of your team members, and strengthen their working relationships.


If you can organise team building activities that have objectives behind the planning, then your organisation can reap a range of benefits, including increased staff motivation, collaboration, creativity, morale and communication.


Team lunches

A cheaper alternative to a group activity is a simple team lunch. These can be effective for a number of reasons. They are great at bringing your employees together and allows them to socialise, an opportunity that may not always be affordable throughout the workday. It also provides workers with an opportunity to communicate, helping to bring your workforce together.  


Dress down days

Wearing office attire/uniform on hot days can prove to be an uncomfortable experience for some employees. To combat this, consider allowing employees to dress more casually during the summer months. It’s a reward that won’t cost you a penny and can make a positive impact on employee productivity.


Reward hard work

Finally, implement incentives that, if met, will allow employees to leave a little early and enjoy the sunshine. This can be great motivation for everyone, including parents who wish to spend more time with their families.


Hopefully the incentives mentioned in this article will help your organisation to reduce absenteeism in the workplace, as well as maintain a high standard of productivity. Not only should you see improvements to the functionality of the organisation, but you will begin to see a more positive workplace environment - benefiting both the employer, and the employee.



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