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28 April 2022

When an employee rises to a senior or executive level, it involves big changes for the business.

Changes include all sorts of factors, from making modifications to receiving more responsibilities. As an employer, it’s your duty to help your leaders develop their skills, confidence, and knowledge. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what leadership and employee development is, and how to incorporate a development programme into your own business.

What is leadership development?

Leadership development is about enhancing the skills, abilities, and confidence of potential managers. These come in various forms, like one-on-one coaching, leadership workshops, and development days. 

There isn’t one specific method or process to follow. Employee leadership development strategies will depend on your individuals and organisation. But overall, they enhance internal talent to higher levels.

Businesses that promote developing leadership skills in the workplace benefit from increased profit and production. So, it’s a win-win. 

What are the benefits of developing leadership skills in the workplace?

Everyone will have a different idea of what a good leader personifies. That’s why there are so many different types of leadership styles in management.

Yet, there are common ones which most successful leaders radiate. Here are some benefits for providing leadership skills:


Solution-focused, ready for a challenge, and prepared for the inevitable. Good leaders must be able to adapt to this everchanging economy—and succeed in the process.

Change can easily disrupt existing dynamics in a workplace. So, it’s up to leaders to adapt and manage change as they face them. 


Managers face all types of interaction with people, on a daily basis. And as a result, social communication skills become heightened. It ranges from making good small talk with customers, to bargaining prices with clients.

Effective communication helps build and maintain strong work relationships. And this is vital for all leaders to possess. Reading your team-members and empathising with them is crucial when running an efficient workplace.


As a leader, it’s important to know how to lead through good examples and positive influences.

Team-members will look up to their leaders for direction and guidance. So, they must be able to encourage motivation, dedication, and drive for business goals.

How to develop leadership skills in employees

A lot of the time, employees may be given new responsibilities or promotions to a leadership role. But aren’t specifically taught leadership and management development skills.

If you don’t invest in leadership development, managers will underperform and won’t be able to fully thrive in their new role. Here are ways on how to develop leadership skills at work:

Provide training opportunities 

You can introduce training opportunities to employees who are presented with management roles. This can be done through work-shadowing or coaching.

Through upskilling, all employees benefit from better work satisfaction–and as a result, it can boost productivity and engagement.

Set reasonable goals 

Let’s try and avoid thinking managers are superheroes. They may present new ideas or skills, but the real test is in the long run.

So, set reasonable goals for them, and review their methods for reaching them in due course. Create an employee leadership development plan, where you can track their progress and outcomes.

From the plan, you’ll be able to determine how to widen the posts and push them higher.

Allow growth

Remember, this role is entirely new to them. It can be just like joining the company as a fresh, new candidate all over again.

That’s why it’s important to allow them to grow into their role and take on responsibilities fully. Once they’ve settled, you’ll be able to see their talents fully and value them as solid managers.

Hold review meetings 

Despite them being fully-fledged managers now, it’s still vital to hold review meetings with them.

Here, you can discuss the progress they’ve made, or issues they’re facing in their new role. Hold these meetings on a regular basis, and work on establishing any concerns raised.

Remember, managers are the voice of the workers. So, take on board what they have to say and how you can answer queries within the business.

Get help with leadership development from Health Assured 

As part of our Employee Assistance Programme at Health Assured, we offer a management support line. Our support line provides advice on developing leadership skills and identifying improvement. 

Health Assured also offers a range of wellbeing workshops which include stress management, workplace resilience, and coping with business changes. 

We also provide a 24/7 helpline that’s open 365 days a year, helping you care for your staff all year round. Arrange a call back from an expert today on 0800 206 2552.


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