Mindfulness only works for women, Brown University study suggests

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08 May 2017

Women are naturally more prone to reflecting on their lives, the study authors say   It’s been the buzzword of the last few years that doesn’t appear to be losing speed: mindfulness.   We’ve been told being mindful - that is, focusing solely on the present and our current situations - will heal our unhealthy relationships with food, our mental health and other people.   We must always be mindful if we want to achieve true happiness, or so some people would have us believe.   New research by Brown University in the US suggests that women get much more from mindfulness than men.   The researchers assessed a group of 41 male and 36 female students over a period of 12 weeks, during which time they all underwent a course in mindfulness.   They found that whilst the women experienced a significant change in mental state, the changes for men were minimal.   The reason for the difference is unclear, but the researchers have suggested that it could be because women have a higher tendency to spend time reflecting on things than men. Excerpt from Independent, read the full article here.  

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