How Much Does a Corporate Wellness Programme Benefit Employees?

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02 February 2018

As an employer, one of your top priorities should be promoting corporate wellness. It should never be underestimated how much impact employee wellbeing can have on the workplace from day to day. If staff are happy and healthy, this helps to create a positive working environment, which is essential for productivity and employee retention. Implementing a corporate wellness programme gives staff the support they need to deal with pressures within both the working environment and at home. These programmes come with many benefits for employees. Read on to discover exactly what they are:

Offers Confidential Support

  It can be hard to offer personal support to staff in particularly large or fast-paced companies, and employees may feel unable to approach you with their physical or mental health problems. However, letting the entire workplace know that this confidential program is in place will give your staff the opportunity to come forward to get the support that they need. Our workplace wellbeing service is carried out by trained professionals and offers staff confidentiality when they speak to our experts for advice or guidance.

Help from an expert

Dealing with personal troubles may not be your forte but when it comes to dealing with health or general wellbeing, you don’t want to give the wrong advice. By giving staff the platform to confide in a trained expert, they might feel relieved to tell someone about what’s troubling them and get the help they need. Professional counsellors can discuss mental health or other wellbeing issues with staff to work towards their recovery. With procedures in place such as this, both you and employees can benefit from enhanced productivity and morale.

Mental Health in the Workplace Results

26% of the staff at a UK company we provided our services to required support regarding mental health issues, which is an indicator of the sheer number of workers who are suffering some form of mental health issue throughout the United Kingdom. 85% of these workers who used our service remained in work for the full course of their therapy, which proves how beneficial this programme is. In October, the BBC reported that 300,000 jobs a year were lost via mental health. This highlights why it’s so important to have a corporate wellness program within your business, and if you are open about the service and its success rates, it will help remove any stigma regarding mental health in your business.

Increases Loyalty

By introducing this programme, you will immediately convey to employees that their personal wellness is a top priority, which will help increase employee loyalty and trust. Absenteeism can also be reduced when employees know that they can get help for their personal problems. Here at Health Assured we offer outstanding support, with our workplace wellbeing service helping around 1.5 million UK workers via direct client relationships. If your business requires our personalised services, get in touch today.

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