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08 December 2021

Over time, employers have to deal with never-ending changes to their workforce. No matter whose choice it was, employees departing from a business can have impacts to all parties.

Outplacement helps employers support their staff during job termination – providing them with a professional and comfortable departure.

Without a clear understanding for terminations, employees may feel significantly affected by their redundancy. They could feel they were unlawfully treated and raise unfair dismissal to employment tribunals.

We’ll discover what is outplacement in HRM, and how to provide the best legal means when employees depart from your company.

What is outplacement support?

Outplacement is a method employers can use to support employees who are leaving the business.

The reasons for leaving can be personal (like a new job or moving houses) or it could be industry-based (like from redundancy or financial cuts).

Outplacement offers support and services for employees who are departing from employment. Support can be acts like, helping them find another placement or advancing through the jobs market.

It can also help employees during social and economic changes too. Like, through initiating a better work-life balance through remote or hybrid working. Or by introducing technological improvements to work practices.

Who provides outplacement?

Outplacement support can come from within your business. Or you could introduce an HR outplacement service (which can be tax-free if it’s paid for directly).

An employee can significantly benefit from outplacement. They can leave feeling supported and cared for, as they take on the next stage in their career path.

Outplacement tools can revolve around physical support; but it also can include psychological and emotional support too.

Legal obligations

It’s vital for employers to follow the legally correct structure when dealing with workplace redundancy.

You may offer settlement or compromise agreements when an employment agreement is agreed to by both parties. This is especially beneficial for you, as it flattens any chances for tribunal claims.

Having an outplacement process in place can help end terms on a good note. And outplacement statistics Meaning it can show this can significantly help reduce any chance of of claims of unlawful redundancies claims made against you.

How can outplacement help your business?

It’s no secret – the way your business is represented has a direct link to the levels and quality of candidates.

You don’t want your brand to be known as a business which doesn’t provide employee support and welfare. Aside from the claims for unfair treatment and lack of aid can be substantial hurdles to recover from.

It’s important to accept that departing employees is inevitable in business. But how you handle their departure is key for your reputation.

Show empathy, care, and support will allow you to end employee relations on good terms. And past employees may also recommend your business to potential candidates.

Through outplacement, support for your employee’s wellbeing is clearly presented. And not just those that are leaving.

Your remaining staff will also understand and appreciate the steps taken when one leaves the company.

How do you deliver an outplacement process?

The process for delivering outplacement can include several methods. It can include coaching, group activities, and training sessions which include steps to successful career outplacement.

Some steps you can include in an outplacement plan are:

  • How to write a CV.
  • Preparing for a job interview.
  • Suggestions on how to network.
  • Advice on business skills.
  • Further career guidance.

Most likely, these services are all available through contemporary outplacement means. New technology means new virtual ways for career support.

Reassuring your remaining employees

It is reasonable employees may face disruption and stress during reshuffles and changes in the workplace. Fears of redundancies can have a significant link to production output and employee engagement.

Providing a well-defined outplacement solution can also ensure a smoother handover. This will help remaining employees who will be picking up the reigns.

Get expert advice on outplacement with Health Assured

Letting employees go – whether through your choice or theirs – can have significant impacts on your business. They’re more than likely going to be difficult to deal with.

But it is crucial for you to follow the legally correct method for the process.

If you don’t, you could unintentionally action unfair dismissals and redundancies. Meaning you could face compensation payments and court hearings – leading to repercussion on your business productivity and reputation.

Health Assured provides expert advice on redundancy outplacement. We also offer an employee engagement and performance guide. We can walk you through managing employment contracts and termination support.

We provide a 24/7 helpline, that’s open 365 days a year – helping you care for your staff all year round. Arrange a call back from a workplace wellbeing expert today on 0844 891 0352

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