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05 August 2021

Personal safety can save lives. When you're out and about, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your friends from harm. It’s especially important to remember these tips if you’re travelling alone or if it's late at night. Staying observant and taking precautions can save lives. It only takes a little forward planning to make sure you, and your loved ones are free from harm.

The tips below are a good start when it comes to prioritising your personal safety. Make a note of them. Spread the word with your friends and family too.

Call a cab

Wherever and whenever you can, opt for a taxi. Keep a couple of options on your phone and have numbers for the area handy. It might cost a little more, but it’s worth every penny. Make sure you get dropped off at your door and keep in contact with someone to let them know your whereabouts. It pays to be cautious in the long run.

Walk in well-lit areas

If you have no option but to walk, walk in well-lit areas and avoid any alleyways. Try to stay in public places with people around if you can. While you walk, keep an eye out for anything suspicious, stay focused on where you’re going. Walk calmly and confidently. Again, make sure someone knows your whereabouts at all times and let them know you’ve made it home safe.

Keep valuables at home

Travel light where possible. Avoid carrying lots of cash if you can. Leave expensive items at home and keep your wallet or purse stored out of sight. Keeping your phone out of eyesight is also a good idea, but make sure you can access it—should you ever need it.

Ditch the headphones

Staying observant of the places and people around you involves using all five senses. As tempting as it might be to blast your favourite tunes through your headphones, it’s just not worth it. Ditch the headphones on your walk home. Then your ears are free to pay attention to any alarming sounds around you. You can be more aware of passers-by and have a better sense of what’s going on.

Plan your journey

Preparation is key. If you're heading out at night, plan your journey in advance. Confirm with friends that you’ll leave together or arrange a lift from someone you can trust. Having this plan in place can save you from having to walk home alone late at night. When your journey is pre-planned, you can enjoy your evening without worrying about how you'll make it home.

Car safety

If you’re travelling by car, make sure you lock your doors when you leave, and when you get in the car to drive. Make sure you have your keys handy, so you can hop in your car right away, without lingering beside it. Park your car in a well-lit, public area if possible. Try not to walk to your car alone.

If you’d like more information on personal safety, contact Health Assured on:

UK: 0844 891 0354

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