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25 August 2021

University brings new-found freedoms that can feel exciting. But these freedoms tend to stem from unfamiliar territories. With new experiences come new challenges. Like budgeting your finances, moving away from home, and studying for a degree. Pushing out of your comfort zone can be difficult at times, but it’s also how you learn and grow.

If you’re returning to student life in September, or you’re just starting out on your student journey—you might feel apprehensive about the changes to come. Know that this is normal. You’re not alone. To help you get into the swing of student life, Health Assured has come up with a few tips below:

Financial wellbeing

Set yourself up for a successful term and organise your finances for the next few months ahead. If you haven’t already, open a student bank account. The interest rates tend to be lower, and banks will sometimes offer incentives like discounted railcards. Check that you've completed your student finance forms too. You don’t want to be out of pocket on fresher’s week!

Make a house a home

For first years, you might not even know where you’ll be living just yet. The unknown can sometimes trigger feelings of anxiety, but try not to get lost in worries about future events you can’t control. Instead, put your energy into preparing what you’ll need when you get there. Make your house feel like home with objects that mean something to you.

Moving day 

Try to have a plan in place when the big day arrives. Arrange a ride if possible or work out your route. You’ll probably be bringing lots of things with you, so recruiting an extra pair of hands or two to help is a good idea.

Stay in touch with friends

As much as university life can be great fun, students do report feelings of loneliness at times. It can be difficult living so far away from home. Try to reach out to friends where you can, whether at home or uni. Staying connected and social is a good way to warn of the blues. Bear in mind that lots of students will have these feelings too. Trying different sports, societies and social events can help you create a solid network of people you trust.

Get set for your studies

The first week of lectures and student life can be overwhelming enough as it is. So it can be helpful to familiarise yourself with any suggested reading materials. This way you're not walking in blind and you can get a feel for the subjects you’ll be covering. See if you can save a few pennies with second-hand books or library loans too.

Settling in

Settling into your new surroundings can take some time. It’s a big shift in your environment, so don’t worry if you feel a little homesick. Familiarising yourself with your new settings can help you feel more relaxed. Take a tour of your new town with a walk in the fresh air. Walking also boosts our mood when we’re feeling low, so it’s a win-win.  


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