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23 December 2021

January can be a difficult time of year for many reasons. The pressure to set new year’s resolutions, post-Christmas blues and dark, cold climate can be a struggle. We know that the winter months also trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)—a type of seasonal depression—for some.

At Health Assured, we’ve found that calls to the helpline increased by as much as 16% in January compared to other months. We received tens of thousands of calls from employees last year, with the highest call volumes relating to anxiety, low mood, and depression.

This calls for action from organisational leaders and employers. We must address Blue Monday in the workplace as part of a broader focus on employee wellbeing. Organisations must hit the topic of mental health head-on in 2022 rather than fuelling the stigma or brushing it under the carpet. Here are some tips for employers to take on this January.

Do a blue themed day in the office to brighten the mood

Lifting morale and office spirits boosts productivity and communication between teams. Mix things up this Blue Monday by hosting a blue themed day in the office. It brings awareness to January's difficulties and lets employees know that you recognise this. The themed day will also get colleagues talking to each and this can be a major preventative factor to mental health problems. Try to encourage communication in teams as much as you can throughout the year with events, workshops and network groups.

Provide wellness clinics on the day

Another way to approach the day is by using it as a platform to encourage employees to maintain good mental and physical health. You could offer health assessments, host a talk from a mental health professional or provide massages to employees as a way to de-stress. These wellness clinics may encourage employees to focus on their wellbeing. By encouraging employee wellbeing with healthy incentives you encourage them to make their physical and mental wellbeing a priority.

Arrange a home delivery

As the working from home setup becomes more widespread, employers must find new ways to overcome employee wellbeing challenges. This Blue Monday, you could arrange home deliveries for your working from home colleagues. A small gesture of appreciation can lighten the mood on the day and remind them of what a great place they work at. Continue to show your support to employees with small gestures of gratitude throughout the year and watch the ripple effects that occur in productivity and engagement.

Use the day to re-launch the EAP benefit you provide to your employees

If you’re currently providing an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), now could be a good time to relaunch this service. It’s easy for employees to forget the services they have access to day-to-day—and even more so in times of need. Yet these services really can be a lifeline in times of need. So let the day serve as a reminder to employees about the type of support they can access through this service. Shout about the benefits and encourage employees to reach out to the service if they experience any difficulties over the next year.

Health Assured can help you improve employee wellbeing in 2022. Get in touch with one of our wellbeing experts today on: 08448910352

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