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26 April 2021

It’s hotting up! We’ve seen some sunshine and high temperatures so far this year, and this is likely to continue. April was a warm one—we might be heading toward a glorious summer. 

When you combine these warm climes with the potential loosening of restrictions on a national scale, you might well get a little bit of a recipe for... not quite disaster, but the pent-up, sunseeking feelings of millions of people mean good skincare and sunscreen regimes could be thrown aside. And that could mean higher incidences of sunburn, sunstroke—and skin cancer. 

We all want to avoid these—even sunburn is a rotten thing to deal with. With this in mind, here are some tips on enjoying the sun in 2021. 


This is probably the most important piece of advice we can give. When temperatures rise, we lose a lot more water through sweating. While sweating is a positive thing—it lowers our temperatures and keeps us ticking—it really does use up a LOT of the water we drink. So try to drink a glass of fresh, cold water once an hour, to keep yourself hydrated and ready. 

Stay out of the sun 

Obviously, we don’t mean all the time—sunbathing is a pleasant activity, and for some people a natural tan is the thing they’ve been waiting for all year. But the sun’s UV rays are harmful to skin over long periods of time.  

Limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible, use high-SPF cream (especially for kids!) and, if you start to feel ill (known as sunstroke), retire to the shade immediately. 

Watch out for bugs 

It’s not just humans who love the warmer months. All sorts of flying and crawling beasties come out of their lairs when the sun comes out. They’re not bad, per se—bumblebees are wonderful parts of our ecosystem—but ticks, wasps and mosquitoes are a little more bothersome. Invest in screens for your windows, and keep some repellent handy. 

Look after your allergies 

It’s hay fever season! Cetirizine is cheaply available online. Avoid the sneezes, and take two every day. Of course, be careful with antihistamines if you’re operating heavy equipment, as some of them can lead to drowsiness. 

Sleep properly 

We talk about good sleep a lot, here—it’s because a decent sleep regime, with good sleep hygiene and plenty of rest, sets you up for whatever challenges the day may bring you. Sleep can be a bit harder to come by, though, when the temperatures begin to rise. We tend to set our sleeping arrangements around the average temperature. So when it gets hot, we don’t really know what to do! 

Change your bedding regularly, set up fans and air conditioners—and don’t be embarrassed to go and sleep on the sofa if your living room is a lot cooler. Your partner will understand—they’ll probably be feeling the heat just as much as you are. 

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