Why Wellbeing Workshops Boost Productivity

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24 July 2018

A great way to help yourself and your employees is to be able to recognise stress by its symptoms.

These can include tiredness, irritability and insomnia, to name but a few.

High levels of stress can take a significant toll on productivity in your employees. As a productive workplace is vital for getting the best growth and results from a business, it is best to try and reduce stress in employees as much as possible.

This can be easier said that done though, especially in a fast-paced work environment.

One of the best ways to ensure employees are aware of what can cause stress, the symptoms of being overly strained and how to cope well with this, is to educate them on the matter.

As you may have other tasks that take priority, or don’t feel comfortable delivering this education yourself, it is good to know that wellbeing workshops are available.

Read on to discover more about these workshops, and how they can improve productivity.

State of mind

As mentioned, having less stressed employees in the workplace ultimately leads to improved productivity.

This is because individuals are able to focus their time and energy on their job, rather than worrying about problems elsewhere.

boost productivity

As these wellbeing workshops are offered by experts, they can offer professional guidance on how to avoid and manage stress.

Alongside this, there are workshops available which cover other aspects of wellbeing, such as exercise and healthy eating. Good habits such as these can make a huge difference to an employee’s state of mind, which will feed into their work ethic.


Workplace culture

Adopting a positive workplace culture and encouraging good employee attitudes in the workplace will increase employee productivity, as happier employees work better.

boost productivity

One way to do this is with mindfulness training. This type of training includes things as simple as breathing techniques, cognitive exercise and how you can employ mindfulness when staff are feeling stressed or they’re experiencing relationship breakdowns. Several studies confirm that mindfulness can act as an effective antidote to stress, calming the body down into a more productive state.

Good working environment


Creating a healthy and positive environment is key for productivity.

A staff member that is hungry, who doesn’t eat or exercise well is more likely to feel sluggish and tired on the job.

A great way to combat this is with our nutrition and diet workshop, which will show employees which foods they should eat to improve their concentration and energy levels, thus improving their lifestyle overall.

Working in a healthy, happy environment will also reduce the risk of absenteeism, which in turn boosts productivity significantly.

Hopefully, this article has given you an insight as to why implementing wellbeing workshops into the workplace is beneficial not only to yourself and employees, but to the business as a whole.

If you would like to find out more about these workshops, feel free to contact our team of wellness experts who will be delighted to help.

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