World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

10th September 2019

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16 August 2019

According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), over 800,000 people die by suicide every year worldwide, representing one person every 40 seconds.


On the 10th September 2019, the world acknowledges one of the most important days on the wellbeing calendar - World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD).


The awareness day began in 2003 and is hosted by IASP, the World Health Organization and World Federation for Mental Health.


The campaign was created to not only raise awareness of the significant impact of suicide around the globe, but also to promote prevention methods, challenge the social stigma, and taboo surrounding suicide.


Working Together to Prevent Suicide

Carrying on from 2018, this year’s theme is ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’, to highlight the essential tool in effective global suicide prevention - collaboration.


The IASP are empowering members of the public to help contribute to the global effort of preventing suicidal behaviour. To help reach this goal, you can:


Raise awareness: Spread the word on social media and within your community by promoting facts and figures on the impact and prevalence of suicide.


Educate yourself: Learn about the causes of suicide and what warning signs to look out for.


Show compassion: Apply your newly discovered knowledge of the issue and provide a listening ear for those who are in distress in your local community.


Question the stigma: Challenge the boundaries that have been put in place and question the social stigma that surrounds suicide within your social network, family, workplace and community.


Why is WSPD important?

According to recent findings from Samaritans, over 6,000 people a year die from suicide in the UK and ROI. And for every single suicide, a further 25 people make a suicide attempt according to the IASP.


Due to the alarming figures above, clearly there is work to be done to help prevent suicide on a global and local scale. WSPD is the only globally recognised awareness day that directly focuses on the prevention of the 15th leading cause of death in the world - suicide.


How do I get involved in WSPD 2019?

Cycling Around the Globe: This year, IASP is collaborating with Charity Footprints to host the Cycling Around the Globe 2019 challenge. The target of the event is for all participants to collectively cycle the globe (40,075 km / 24,900 miles) between 10 September – 10 October. If you want to get involved, click here for registration info.


Light a Candle: To show your support for suicide prevention or to remember a lost loved one and the survivors of suicide, IASP are asking you to light a candle at 8pm on the 10th September. Click here for more info and resources.


Social media: Regardless of how you participate in WSPD, make sure you raise awareness via social media and connect to IASP through Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget the hashtags; #WSPD, #WSPD19 and #SuicidePrevention.



If you would like more information on suicide prevention, or if you have any other wellbeing concerns, please call our free, 24-hour helpline on:

0800 030 5182

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