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Summary of work capability services

A Work Capability Assessment, also known as an Occupational Health Assessment (OHA) or Management Referral, tends to be a confidential conversation between an employee and health advisor. The aim of it is to develop a medical opinion on an employee’s ability to work. Resulting in guidance for both employer and employee, our Work Capability Assessments aim to provide a rehabilitation programme to assist an employee in returning to work.

Summary of service

As Occupational Health service providers, Health Assured offers a wide range of Work Capability Assessments and other services which can be accessed via a contracted retainer on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our Occupational Health Advisers/Nurses are Specialist Practitioners with additional qualifications (Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health and Community Nursing as well as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) Registration) that enable them to provide a medical opinion on fitness to work and in what capacity.

The majority of Occupational Health cases can be managed by a structured telephone consultation by a Specialist Practitioner who bases their opinions by using a biological, social and psychological framework model which clients usually find much more helpful when they are trying to manage or find solutions to health issues in the workplace. Our network of Occupational Health Physicians cover the whole of the UK and can provide independent, robust and depersonalised reports, giving you the facts on the health of your employee.

Health Assured's Occupational Health Assessment service

Health Assured work in partnership with our clients in order to deliver a holistic approach that draws upon the EAP services, this includes working with existing support structures or external facilities and providers that promote wellbeing. We ensure that we develop fresh approaches to wellbeing in order to offer maximum support to employees.

Embedding healthy working practices, education and training are critical. By working with Occupational Health collaboratively, a well-rounded service can be provided, maintaining boundaries whilst developing strong working relationships and recognising the support that can be offered by all channels.

We work together to provide our clients with:

  • The process for referring cases between the two provisions, including employee consent
  • The level of employee information to be exchanged to manage the case effectively
  • Processes for ensuring that the employee does not need to “re-tell” their story
  • Case management and monitoring
  • Outcome measurement

Our service includes;

We understand employers want quick turnaround and quality reporting when dealing with staff absence. We understand the time and quality of reporting along with general service provision is a key issue within the Occupational Health arena.

It really is that simple.

  • Call 0844 8922 493 and speak with a member of our Clinical Team to discuss you requirements and establish if we could add value.
  • We will send you all of the documents via email, along with an ‘Advice for the Manager’ and ‘Guidance for the Employee’ document. Finally, we will keep you up to speed and in the loop at every stage of the process.
  • A clear, concise and unambiguous report will be provided, with access to employment law advice and Occupational Health support.

A very different approach to Occupational Health Assessments, delivered across the entire UK.

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