Manager Support

If your role involves managing or looking after a team of people, Health Assured has developed effective services and pathways specifically aimed at helping you deal with important issues.

Management Consultations

The EAP support service is intended to help you manage your teams more effectively, increasing performance and promoting engagement.

Employees faced with personal or work related issues can often feel unsettled, particularly if they are unsure as to how they should set about resolving their concerns. This can result in any number of issues, whether it is simply loss of concentration, reduced performance in the workplace or changes in behaviour that may impact relationships with their colleagues.

Spotting these changes in behaviour and performance is relatively easy, but you may feel unsure how to tackle the situation positively, being supportive whilst still fulfilling your role as a manager.  With the support and guidance of our qualified counsellors, we can assist you to constructively challenge poor performance, behaviour or bad attitudes before they can develop.

Our main aim is to find a “win-win” situation for both you and your employee. Sometimes it’s as simple as reminding the employee of the EAP service provided and the support available. Other times it may involve coaching to challenge behaviour or dealing with specific performance related issues.

The Health Assured service aims to help managers deal with workplace challenges, such as:

  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communicating change
  • Work/life balance
  • Performance & appraisals
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • Post-trauma support
  • Management information
  • Return to work support
  • Workplace bullying

The support service is intended to help you manage your teams more effectively, increasing performance and promoting engagement.  This service is not intended as a replacement for HR advice, nor a replacement for you as a manager.

Our experience has taught us that we are most effective when you speak directly to one of our counsellors. To access telephone support from the counselling team, simply call the number on My Wellbeing

How the service works?

Explain that you are a manager requiring assistance dealing with a member of your team and you will be put through to the relevant department where you will initially be taken through a process of clarifying the problem:

  • What behaviours or life events on the part of the employee have prompted the call?
  • What (if any) action have you taken to date?
  • What outcomes are you looking to achieve?

Our counsellors aim to improve your employee’s performance through structured support paired with encouragement from you as their manager. They will help you look at the options open to you and will work with you towards a ‘win-win’ situation for both you and your employee. If it helps, they can role-play situations with you, or coach you on behavioural issues.

The counsellor / advisor will help you formulate an action plan to improve performance, identifying achievable targets for your employee, whilst recognising both practical and personal support that may be required to achieve them. Once the action plan is started, you can schedule telephone appointments with the same counsellor / advisor to discuss continued support, any progress, plus other issues that may arise.

EAP Manager Referrals

Informal EAP referrals

If you believe an employee would benefit from counselling you can recommend the support available to them, as an additional source of guidance, by reminding them of the service available and directing them to the helpline.

Informal referrals are by far the most effective way of encouraging employees to seek support, as those who actively address their issues have a greater chance of resolving them. The combination of guidance from Health Assured and managerial support from you leads to a speedier resolution and stronger working relationship. Simply reminding employees that the service is available and educating them on the breadth and variety of support that is available to them, reassuring employees about confidentiality and the professionalism of those providing the service, can often be enough to prompt an employee to pick up the phone.

Formal EAP referrals

In other cases it may be that a formal referral is more appropriate, this is something that we prefer to do in exceptional circumstances, and may occur only when all other avenues have been explored. Your telephone counsellor will explore these options fully with you, and can advise as to what they perceive to be the most appropriate course of action. There is a formal process for referring an employee which will be explained to you by the telephone counsellor.

Documentation to Download - Managers Referral Form

Active Care (Day One Intervention for Stress)

The unique Active Care service from Health Assured provides effective intervention on the very first day you receive a ‘Fit Note’ from your employee for a stress related absence. Active Care ensures a far higher degree of engagement with an employee during their absence. The service provides the employee with guidance on where to obtain information and advice from relevant support mechanisms available through Health Assured.

Documentation to Download - Active Care Call Request Form

How the service works?

  • An experienced Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) will contact the employee via telephone, gain further verbal consent, and undertake a 30 minutes (maximum) structured and supportive consultation.
  • The OHA will engage with the individual in a supportive and impartial manner to obtain an understanding of their specific needs, ascertain triggers, treatment already prescribed and offer recommendations for treatment. Additional resources and further supportive mechanisms will be discussed and signposted appropriately.
  • In the case of work related stress, we will obtain an understanding of the issues and identify any barriers preventing a return to work.
  • A written report will be supplied by email to you based on the telephone consultation, within four working days, subject to employee consent being granted to Health Assured for release of the report.

In our experience the pro-active intervention associated with Active Care positively influences an earlier return to work and supports the individual, whilst safeguarding the interests of you, the employer.

Work Health Assessments

Health Assured’s qualified and experienced clinical staff can provide an effective online screen for every new recruit joining your organisation; minimising the risk at the time of appointment and ensuring compliance with the terms of the Equality Act 2010. The online screen also provides a valuable baseline audit of the employee’s health on joining the company.

Every report is reviewed by a member of clinical team and a follow up telephone consultation is undertaken, if clinically indicated. One of the key benefits of the online screen is the clinical team strips out any information you as the company does not need to know and which could cause you an issue in the future in terms of the Equality Act.

However, at the same time the clinical team will provide advice as to areas that Health & Safety may need to review on a regular basis to ensure the workplace/role does not aggravate the employee’s known health issues. As this is an online service it is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For applicants who do not have their own email account, paper based versions of the questionnaires are available.

Details of the dedicated web portal and login details will be emailed to the named Group Coordinator within three working days of inception.

In the unlikely event that you experience technical difficulties, please call 0800 030 5182 and request to speak with the Client Services Team who will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Occupational Health Advice and Services

Healthy employees go a long way to supporting the health of your business. After all, your people are your biggest asset.

From absence management and supporting the wellbeing of your employees, to managing the people risks in your business, occupational health services can support you in keeping your employees and business healthy.

You have access to the Health Assured OH Advice helpline, providing access to expert support and guidance on all related topics.

*Please note, you may be recommended Occupational Health services that are subject to additional charges.*

Documentation to Download - THIG Occupational Health Service Tariff 

Absence Management

  • Management referrals through a UK wide network of Occupational Health Physicians and Nurses to support with absences that are high frequency, short term or long term.
  • Early intervention for stress related absence
  • Independent, robust and clear reports
  • Support with return to work interviews
  • Advice on GP’s Fit Notes

Employee wellbeing

  • Health screening
  • Bespoke support for companies, for example, around critical incidents and bereavement counselling
  • Ad-hoc health services for employees, either individually or onsite – including nursing and physiotherapy

Employee risk management and health assessments

  • Advice on statutory and non-statutory health surveillance
  • Managing Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) incidents
  • Online self-assessment questionnaires, including Display Screen Equipment (DSE), night worker health, new/expectant mothers and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
  • Advice on results and the implementation of any recommendations to ensure employee health and safety

How the service works?

Health Assured’s OH Advice helpline opens the door to quality advice on a range of absence and employee wellbeing issues.

Simply call 0800 030 5182 and ask to speak with a member of the Occupational Health team.

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