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Employee health and wellbeing is an integral part to the success of your organisation. Investing in an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) will give your employees many perks and benefits an in turn will create a happier workforce thus creating increased productivity.

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Why invest in an EAP?

Our EAP, brings your staff a wealth of wellbeing services to support them through life’s challenges. Here at Health Assured we provide the leading Employee Assistance Programme in the UK, we offer specialist support to over 15 million people every day.

Our employee support programme isn’t just for work worries, it’s there to help your employees with all sorts of personal problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, financial difficulties, relationship troubles, and even give legal advice on matters like divorce, landlord issues, or civil and criminal actions.

For every £1 invested in an employee assistance programme, organisations can expect to see, on average a 10x return on investment.

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What's included with an EAP

✔️ Free 24/7 365 counselling

✔️ Legal & information line

✔️ Critical incident advice & telephone support

✔️ Access to our health & wellbeing app

✔️ Relationship management

✔️ Management support line & counselling

✔️ Manager support guides

Find out more about EAP’s

Health & wellbeing app

Our health and wellbeing app provides proactive wellbeing tools and engaging features to enhance our existing services. Each feature has been carefully built with the user’s wellbeing in mind.

Designed to improve the mental and physical health of the users by using personal metrics to set bespoke goals and achievements.

Helpful push notifications

Push notifications are a great way to keep in touch with app users by sending key messages to engage and create a response.

Your wellbeing solution

  • Empowers users to focus on their own wellbeing
  • Contribute towards a positive workplace culture
  • Comprehensive and accessible 24/7, 365
  • Access to exclusive perks and rewards

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Wisdom app Health Assured

Workplace wellbeing facts

  • Poor mental health accounts for more than half of all work-related illnesses. Around 51% of long-term sick leave is due to stress, depression, or anxiety
  • One in five UK workers reported feeling unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace
  • 8. 29% of managers said more support and training from their employer would help them support other team members
  • A third of managers feel out of their depth supporting their team with mental health concerns
  • 70% of managers cited organisational barriers to supporting staff wellbeing, including company policy, heavy workload, unsupportive workplace culture, and not being equipped with the right skills

How does an EAP work?

The benefits of providing an EAP

✔️ Increased Productivity - 24% improvement in productivity with the implementation of an EAP

✔️ Reduced Company Costs - In the US, lost productivity and absenteeism alone, cost businesses $312 billion annually.

✔️ Increased Staff Morale - 78% of people in excellent health report being happy in their job, compared to 51% in poor health.

✔️ Reduced Absenteeism - 36% improvement in employee absenteeism.

✔️ Reduced Staff Attrition - according to Employee Assistance Report, between 65-80% of workplace terminations relate to personal reasons.

✔️ Improved Staff Performance - with legal/financial, work/life services included as part of the EAP, work loss was avoided in 39% of case.

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Health and wellbeing features

Boosts Wellness

Users can set and track goals quickly and easily, inspiring them to make changes and improve their wellness, both mentally and physically. Features: Weekly mood trackers, Four week plans & Mini health checks

Improves Wellbeing

The app empowers users to receive more of the wellbeing information they need, and control the information they don’t. Features: Personalised newsfeed, Support 24/7, LiveChat

Increases Engagement

The app enables users to gamify their wellbeing, setting challenges to others and climbing leaderboards to better wellbeing—and engagement. Features: Leaderboards & Employee directory


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