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Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Create a happier and healthier workforce

Health Assured deliver wellbeing workshops directly to your business. We teach you and your employees about a range of topics in familiar surroundings. Our teams visit at a time that suits you or we can arrange a virtual workshop, delivering friendly, expert advice and guidance that will help your people get the most out of their working day.

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Virtual workshops

Powerful learning, delivered directly to your employees

Health Assured can provide virtual training sessions for all of the workshop topics below. Hosted online and directly to your employees’ devices, our virtual sessions are held at a time and date that suits your organisation.

Our virtual workshops are a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional workshop sessions, as they:

  • Require no travel costs
  • Work around your employees’ schedule
  • Can be accessed from any location

There is a max of 20 employees per virtual workshop and to take part, attendees simply need a personal device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet and an internet connection.

EAP for Small Businesses

Stress management

Recognise and combat stress

You need some pressure in your life—without deadlines, nothing would get done, after all. But too much pressure can lead to stress, which can make life a lot harder.

Health Assured offers a stress management workshop teaching your employees and managers about stress—both the good and bad kind.

You’ll discover how to recognise stress in yourself and others, create a stress-free (as possible) workplace, and use our EAP to smooth out those bumps in life.

What you will learn:

  • To recognise the symptoms and triggers of stress
  • How to create the right culture
  • The best methods of intervention
Benefits of critical incident stress management

The road to resilience

Cope with—and master—pressure

Pressure is a great motivator. But, like stress, too much of it in the wrong place can make life hard. You have your limits—we all do. But what can we do to turn those limits into strengths?

Health Assured offers training in resilience. This is a great way to learn about how pressure affects you and others, and how to better manage that pressure.

The workshop provides the mental tools needed to master workplace pressure. You’ll see less absence, more productivity and a healthier, happier workforce.

What you will learn:

  • What does it really mean to be resilient?
  • Awareness of resilience
  • Techniques to manage pressure and improve resilience in the workplace
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Adopt mindfulness, become a beacon of calm

Mindfulness is the art of living in the present. It might sound odd—we all live in the present, surely—but it’s a little deeper than it seems.

It’s about learning to be aware of our senses. And when you’re fully aware, you can deal with challenges far more easily.

We offer mindfulness training that will help your people maintain calm and improve their life’s balance. You’ll learn how to give your full attention to the now, melting away stress and coping with anything life can throw at you.

Meditation, breathing exercises and planning—these tools are vital to a healthy, aware, balanced work life.

What You will learn:

  • What is mindfulness and the common misconceptions
  • How and when mindfulness can be used
  • How to put mindfulness into practice
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Better living through better eating

You might feel more awake after a triple espresso in the morning—but overloading on caffeine isn’t the best way to stay alert. A couple of hours later you’re going to pay for that delicious drink. Ever felt that post-lunchtime slump?

We will help make that tiredness a thing of the past. Healthy eating in the workplace boosts alertness—and morale—by making people feel more alive. It’s not about taking snacks (or coffee) away, but being aware of which foods are better.

Health Assured’s nutrition workshops teach the importance of healthy eating, both at work and at home. We show you how to improve energy and concentration without resorting to more caffeine.

Stress, sickness and absence can be reduced—when your employees are healthy, your workplace is healthy.

What you will learn:

  • The benefits of different food groups
  • How healthy nutrition can reduce staff sickness
  • How to encourage healthy eating in the workplace
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Coping with change

Make dealing with change a breeze

Change is necessary. Every business needs to react to the world outside. Sometimes, you need to make sweeping changes. You might need to create or alter a whole department.

This can be a stressful and uncertain time for employees. How can you offer reassurance?

Our change management workshop helps staff to understand and cope with change. We explain how to recognise uncertainty, how to raise concerns and how to manage stress in times of change.

You’ll be able to reduce impact by addressing any worries staff may have—and make sure your changes will be for the better.

What you will learn:

  • What is change management
  • How to address negativity
  • Techniques for preparing staff for change
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Mental health awareness

Understand and help common issues

At any moment, over 15% of people in the UK and Ireland are suffering in work with symptoms of a mental health condition. You have a duty of care to your staff—but how can you help?

It’s simple. Our mental health awareness workshop provides you and your people with the knowledge needed to tackle issues head-on. You’ll receive expert, sensitive guidance on identifying key mental health issues.

Employees will learn about the importance of a healthy mind, and how to ask for support—and support others—when life gets overwhelming.

What you will learn: * The importance of mental health awareness in the workplace * To tackle stigmas and attitudes * How to support individuals who are suffering

Please note: our mental health awareness workshops are tailored to the delivery of employee and manager workshops separately.

Benefits of Employee Absence Management | Health Assured

What is trauma?

Prepare for the unexpected

It’s a hard fact of life that awful things can happen. We all live in hope that they won’t happen to us, but sometimes an incident in the workplace affects us all. How do you show support and leadership in these times?

Health Assured can help. We offer a thorough trauma workshop—teaching your staff to recognise what trauma is, and how to cope. You’ll learn how to create a supportive culture, helping each other deal with traumatic stress.

Action planning and follow-up support show employees that you’re not only aware of their issues, but that you care.

What you will learn:

  • What qualifies as trauma
  • How to build emotional and psychological resilience
  • How to offer the appropriate follow-up support
whistleblowing services for employees

Mental health & men

Understand male mental health

Times are changing. The stigmas around male mental health are starting to fade. It’s no longer a perceived sign of weakness to admit that you need help.

But sometimes a little encouragement is needed for men to open up.

Our mental health & men workshop gives insight, knowledge and understanding of the issues that men face. We use facts, figures and truths to gently de-stigmatise mental health issues, teaching you and your staff that it’s fine to admit that life can get on top of you.

Not only will you and your people learn about yourselves, but you’ll learn to recognise symptoms in others—and you’ll have the tools in place to reach out in a sensitive way.

What you will learn:

  • How to tackle stigma and attitudes in the workplace
  • Knowledge and awareness of common mental health issues
  • Practical advice and follow up support structures
Benefits of critical incident stress management

Menopause awareness

Understand, empathise with and manage this natural process

Our workforce is ageing—over four million women aged 50-64 are in work. This number is growing. There are few workplaces, then, unaffected by the menopause. How do you care for and support those affected?

Health Assured offer sensitive, empathetic training in the issues around menopause. You’ll discover what the menopause actually ­is­, how it affects the body and mind, and how to support people at this time of life in the workplace and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • The stages of the menopause
  • How to create an open, inclusive and supportive culture
  • The best practices in managing those undergoing the menopause

Please note: our menopause workshops are tailored to the delivery of employee and manager workshops separately.

Benefits of Employee Absence Management | Health Assured

Financial wellbeing

Stop money worries from getting in the way of your team's wellbeing

Stagnating wages, increased housing costs, inflation—we live in a financially daunting time. More than ever, people need to be informed and aware. But financial guidance isn’t taught in school, and money problems can cause serious issues—even affecting mental health…

Health Assured show your people exactly how financial wellbeing and mental wellbeing are linked—and how to improve both in one fell swoop.

What you will learn:

  • Key facts behind financial wellbeing, and the ways they affect our mental health
  • The emotional impact of money worries, as well as the physical toll
  • Practical tips and advice on managing money, using credit wisely, and being financially aware
Financial Wellbeing Health Assured


Manage the natural feelings of grief in yourself and others

Bereavement is something that most will experience throughout their lifetime. Our bereavement workshop will help your employees understand the common responses to bereavement, and learn how to best support those who have been affected.

Our workshops have been developed to give employers or employees an understanding of bereavement.

What you will learn:

  • How to define bereavement and the stages of grief
  • How to those affected by bereavement
  • Practical tips on how to support yourself

Please note: our bereavement workshops are tailored to the delivery of employee and manager workshops separately.


Suicide awareness

Break down the stigma. Make a difference

Our ‘Suicide Awareness’ workshop has been developed to educate people about suicide, and the ways we can break down the associated stigma.

The workshop will give attendees the knowledge and insight into how to identify, understand and help people who may be experiencing or have experienced suicide in their lives.

What you will learn:

  • The truth behind the myths & statistics
  • The stigma surrounding suicide—understanding the language and terminology
  • How to identify the warning signs and prevent suicide
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The importance of sleep

Examine the essential role that sleep plays in our daily lives

The evidence is clear. Sleep affects everything from our physical and mental health, to our productivity in the workplace and happiness levels.

Our workshop will give your employees an overview of the benefits of sleep and the role it plays in our lives. It'll provide them with the tools and resources to improve their sleeping habits.

You’ll learn: * The essentials of sleep, including sleep hygiene * How to manage your energy levels * Ways to improve your sleeping habits

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24/7 Telephone Support

As part of our standard telephonic EAP services, we offer immediate critical incident support via our trained in-house trauma practitioners. Managers with the authority to invoke critical incident support can access telephone support for immediate advice and recommendations regarding appropriate actions to support those affected.

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