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What is an Employee Assistance Programme?

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) are employee benefit programmes that offers employees a safe space to discuss any of their personal or professional challenges that may negatively impact their work performance and mental health. EAPs provide a free and confidential service for employees and their immediate families that includes, short-term counselling, legal advice, and financial guidance- wherever and whenever.

For every £1 invested in an employee assistance programme, organisations can expect to see, on average a 10x return on investment.

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What's included with an EAP?

The following comes as a standard

• Free 24/7 counselling, legal and information line

• Critical incident advice and telephone support

• Online health portal and access to the Wisdom App

• Relationship management support and usage reporting

• Management support line and counselling

• Manager support guides

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - Health Assured

EAP counselling service

At Health Assured, we understand the necessity of additional support for employee mental wellbeing. Our EAP guarantees that all counsellors meet a quality criterion, with a short-term and goal-oriented model that matches your organisation’s requirements. Our counsellors also offer a range of trauma-specific interventions, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

EAP counselling services

About our counsellors

All Health Assured counsellors hold a minimum of a qualification in Counselling or Psychotherapy that is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Our counsellors also have:

  • 3 years post qualification experience
  • 250 hours of counselling training
  • 250 hours of counselling practice
  • 40 hours of private client contact time in the last year
  • Insurance and engage in personal development for both Health Assured and their governing body.

Counselling sessions are taken place in confidential therapy rooms that are in line with BACP guidance, and a contract is not required to arrange ad-hoc, face-to-face counselling, you just need to complete a referral form.

Employee Assistance Programme Counselling

How much does an EAP cost?

The average cost of an EAP is £0.73 per person, per month based on 100 plus employees with a Complete EAP package for 60 months. You can use our EAP pricing calculator at the link below to discover how much our Employee Assistance Programme service would cost you.

Wisdom App

Access to our EAP gives your employees exclusive access to our mental wellbeing app, which helps tracks wellness and improve your mental health.

See more about our Wisdom App

Wisdom App features include

  • Live Chat and Video Call
  • Interactive mood tracker
  • Mini health checks
  • Resource Library – Webinars, podcasts, articles and much more

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

Our Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) service provides a fully trained trauma counsellor or counselling team to be onsite as soon as possible to deliver a specialist group counselling debriefing. Our EAP clients will also have immediate access to 24 hour telephone support to assist with the management of the incident.

Relationship Management

Service is a key factor in our continued growth and success. Every client irrespective of size has an allocated Relationship Manager who will be available to answer any queries you have and be your point of contact throughout your contract.

Making a positive difference to your workforce

It is not an exaggeration to state that Health Assured’s approach has revolutionised the EAP market, moving the model from passive, reactive care to clinical based, proactive and interventional support for the immense benefit of both the employee and employer.

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Welsh Ambulance NHS Service Trust has used Health Assured as it’s EAP for the past 2 years and the service has been extremely well received by our staff. We were given support from day 1 with communications, leaflets, manager guides to promote the service which has been very helpful.

Ceri Bryant |Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service Manager