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The importance of your wellbeing

Health Assured recognises the increasing importance of wellbeing in the workplace and the impact and pressures that modern life has, both inside and outside of work. Your wellbeing at work is important for many reasons including creating a positive, healthy environment in which to work is key to productivity, as well as happiness.

There is an increased focus on employers’ duty of care to offer a more proactive wellbeing support, as well as developing effective rehabilitation pathways in the event of absence. This needs to be embedded within an organisation’s corporate strategy and people management activities in order to promote employee wellbeing and improve engagement, retention and performance.

Health Assured’s EAP service helps employers to demonstrate a proactive commitment to your wellbeing and is ideally situated to increase wellbeing and maximise productivity. We work with organisations to support your wellbeing through a collaborative approach to understand HR policies and procedures and integrate the EAP service with internal support structures so that it not only provides support to you in times of crisis, but also provides proactive interventions that empower you and your managers through effective problem solving.


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