Wellbeing Workshops for Corporates

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Stress management training

Stress management workshops are designed to help educate both employees and managers about stress and how to recognise keys signs of mental health in the workplace.

The key content covers:

  • Normalisation of stress and explanation
  • Recognition of the symptoms and triggers of stress in both managers and employees
    • Cognitive
    • Emotional
    • Physiological
    • Behavioural
  • Managing wellbeing at work
    • Self-evaluation – How am I?
    • The process
    • Creating the right culture
  • Intervention, coping and personal resilience
    • EAP – services available to them and how to access
    • Management referral – supporting employees

Contact us to find out more about our stress management training courses for employees and employers.

Training in Resilience at work

Pressure can be a great motivator for some individuals to achieve their best, however others can begin to feel overwhelmed. Where individuals feel that they are losing control of their workload and demands are becoming too much, our resilience workshop can support individuals in being aware of and effectively managing pressures.

Key content includes:

  • What does it really mean to be resilient?
  • Explore and appreciate the working environment and your approach to work
    • Recognition of beneficial and healthy pressure and the difference of stress
  • Awareness of resilience
    • Recognise how you react under pressure
    • Be aware of your stressful operating patterns
  • Manage the situation
    • Recognise the impact on you when your resilience is low
    • Learn techniques to manage pressure and improve resilience

Mindfulness training at work

Research shows that adopting a positive working culture and encouraging employee attitudes in the working environment will increase employee productivity. As we all live such busy lives, mindfulness is an effective tool that can help us become more aware and give attention to what is happening in the present moment. Several studies confirm that mindfulness can act as an effective antidote to stress, calming the body down into a more productive state, with one even showing a positive effect to the part of the brain that processes emotional reactions.

Key content in our mindfulness training includes:

  • What is mindfulness and the common misconceptions
  • Attitudes and stigmas
  • How mindfulness can be useful when experiencing stress, relationship breakdown and other factors outside of your control
  • How to be proactive before daily life becomes overwhelming
  • Putting it into practice
    • Cognitive exercise
    • Breathing techniques
    • Making plans for how best to respond to the turmoil in the mind
  • Maintaining a balance in life

Corporate Nutrition workshops

Employee wellbeing at work is important for many reasons. Creating a positive, healthy environment in which to work is key to productivity, as well as employee retention and happiness. Employers have a duty of care to their employees but many companies struggle with how to look after and create a sense of wellbeing at work. Our corporate nutrition workshops highlight the importance of healthy eating.

Key content includes:

  • Superfoods: myth or not
  • Healthy eating in the workplace
  • Stress management
  • Improving energy & concentration
  • Help to reduce staff sickness through conscientious eating

Change Management workshops

The ultimate goal of change management is to improve the organisation by altering how the work is done. This can have an impact on processes, systems, structure and job roles in order to optimise risk exposure, minimise impact on staff and achieve success across the organisation. Our workshop provides information and support in how to manage change effectively.

Key content includes:

  • Overview of change management
  • What is change management, why we do it
  • Understand change
  • Addressing negativity
  • Manage uncertainty
  • Offer techniques for preparing staff for change

Mental health awareness courses

Our Mental Health Awareness workshop has been developed to give employers or employees knowledge and insight into how to identify, understand and help individuals who may be developing mental health issues.

Our mental health first aid workshop can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, with the following as a guideline of content:

  • Understanding the importance of mental health.
  • Attitudes and stigmas
  • Knowledge and awareness of common mental health issues:
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Individuals feeling suicidal
    • People experiencing psychosis
  • The five steps in supporting individuals
  • Action planning

Find out more about our workplace training for managers and staff by getting in touch with our friendly team.

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