Critical incident stress management (CISM)

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What is CISM?

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is an effective debriefing procedure to help normalise the often overwhelming psychological, physiological and emotional responses to minor, moderate and severe critical incidents.

Health Assured can offer a range of critical incident support services, including pre-incident support, acute crisis intervention and post-incident support. We have a robust process in place to manage high risk traumatic situations and critical incidents as well as day-to-day unexpected incidents, which is supported by an experienced international network of specialist CISM personnel.

We recognise the impacts of critical incidents on employees’ levels of distress and the impacts that it may have on being able to perform their role effectively or attending work. Our services are designed to enhance employees’ natural resilience, and provide specialist support to minimise impacts of trauma and promote wellbeing and recovery.

24/7 Telephonic Support

As part of our standard telephonic EAP services, we offer immediate critical incident support via our trained in-house trauma practitioners. Managers with the authority to invoke critical incident support can access telephone support for immediate advice and recommendations regarding appropriate actions to support those affected.

On-site Support

Our extensive network of clinicians can be deployed to any location within 24 to 48 hours for on-site defusing and stress management. On-site group briefings can be provided within 24 hours of an incident for information only or for active defusing

We provide a range of on-site critical incident services to support individuals and groups of employees.


Trauma aftercare is guaranteed following a CISM debrief with Health Assured’s in-house trained trauma counsellors available 24/7 to provide telephone support or a clinical assessment and short-term structured telephone counselling or a referral to face-to-face counselling.

To find out more about our Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services, get in touch with our dedicated team today on 0844 8922 493.

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