10 Steps to help keep your staff happy and motivated

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21 February 2019

Software provider Cascade HR has found that employee engagement will be the biggest challenge for employers in 2019.


When employees are motivated and engaged, productivity increases and the organisation benefits.


According to a survey by human resource firm Investors in People, one in four employees feel unhappy at work - despite an improvement in satisfaction across the UK job market.


The survey also revealed that the top reason why people want to leave their current job is because they feel as though they can get more job satisfaction elsewhere (48%).


In this guidance, we have outlined 10 ways that can help keep employees happy and motivated, thus providing a more harmonious workplace.


  1. Gratitude is key – It’s the most cost effective morale boost any employer can give.


  1. Ask employees about their job – Ask what they enjoy about the role. Also listen to concerns and what could be done differently. Take into account their opinions and where applicable, make any changes. Your employees will appreciate that you have listened and are willing to make changes.


  1. Consider giving your employees the day off on their birthday – This can be a welcome incentive especially if the employee achieves set targets or goals. If a full day is not possible then consider a half day as an alternative.


  1. Communication – Another way to help ensure employees feel valued is by communicating to your workforce the work they have undertaken, it’s a great way to offer praise. Such an incentive can increase morale and will help to ensure the individual concerned continues to perform admirably, ensuring consistency throughout.


  1. Transparency – Ensure that you regularly communicate to staff business developments, updates about the company and anything else that is both business related and of course important.


  1. Keep employees stimulated – Nobody wishes to be bored whilst at work. Keep job roles varied, provide tasks that are challenging and if applicable, invest in training. This is a sure way to motivate employees as they will recognise that you are making an investment in them by expanding their key skills.


  1. Try not to micromanage – Allow them the opportunity to be able to perform the job and make decisions themselves.


  1. Consistency – Make sure that your organisation is a fair workplace. All benefits should be equal, work demands fair and rules in place applied to all employees.


  1. Plan team building activities – Arranging an evening or afternoon to allow your employees to relax and socialise with colleagues will not only reduce tension and stress, but increase positive workplace relationships.


  1. Encourage a healthy work/life balance – Being able to strike the right balance between work and home life is an important aspect of any employee’s life. Ensure that workloads are manageable and that your workforce try to stick to normal office hours as much as possible.


Overall, ensuring that your workforce is happy and motivated is important to the wellbeing and profitability of your organisation.


Irrelevant to the size of your workforce, retaining your key team members will always be more cost-effective than hiring and training new employees. And in order for you to do so, employee satisfaction should always be made a priority.



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