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Corporate wellness

As an employer, you have a duty of care to look after your employees' wellbeing. Your organisation's success depends on it.

Because when employees are happier and healthier, there’s a positive impact. They work harder, get better results, and there's a much more pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

You’ll find reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and great engagement come with a good corporate wellness programme.

Under pressure staff, under pressure business

Modern life is becoming much more instant and convenient in so many ways. But that doesn't mean it's getting any easier. In fact, the opposite seems to be true.

Today, people feel under immense pressure both inside and outside of work. This pressure deeply affects employees’ productivity. It can reduce morale. And it could potentially cause long-term sickness absence.

What can you, as a business leader, do to help?

Introduce a corporate health solution—and choose the best available.

Corporate health & wellness with Health Assured

The employee assistance programme (EAP) from Health Assured is the most comprehensive, accessible and effective corporate health & wellbeing package on the market today.

We look after more than 13 million people across 71,000 organisations. They rely on us 24/7, 365 for help with:

  • Mental and physical health issues
  • Legal and financial assistance
  • Help with common issues like smoking, managing weight and sleep
  • Guidance on nutrition, change management, resilience and much, much more

Your people will be healthier, happier and more productive with our help.

What are some corporate wellness benefits?

  • Less sickness absence—when you take proactive steps to head off mental health issues, you reduce stress. People are happier. And burnout is a thing of the past
  • Better morale—as the EAP improves health, you’ll quickly begin to see better moods, more employees engaged, and more team cohesion
  • Great reputation—an employer who cares for their people is far more likely to attract and retain the best talent

Sounds great, right? And it’s easy to put in place and improve workplace wellbeing.

Let’s talk about the perfect EAP for your business. Arrange a call back from a corporate wellbeing expert today.

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