Mental health in the workplace

It’s a fact that more and more employers are beginning to understand the importance of managing mental health in the workplace.

After all, at any moment one in six people in the UK and Ireland are suffering at work with symptoms of a mental health condition.

That’s one in six people. And those are just the numbers we know about.

The consequences of poor mental health awareness at work means countless more people could be struggling. This could include long term mental health problems with your own employees.

Worse yet, countless could be going unnoticed. That’s where we can help.

The best employers take a proactive approach to their employee’s wellbeing.

They understand one simple truth. A happier workforce is a more productive, enthusiastic and loyal workforce.

But how do they make this happen?

Workplace wellbeing programmes

Workplace wellbeing programs are  integral for your staff, encouraging and promoting health and wellbeing.

And the number one choice for employers in the UK is the employee assistance programme from Health Assured.

Our 24/7, 365 helplines reduce stress, anxiety and depression; and we have proof.

It boosts productivity and reduces absence . It provides people with the tools needed to get mentally healthy. It raises awareness among workplace peers. It even prepares for returning to work more quickly.

Is there anything it can't do?

With our EAP, you get:

  • 24/7, 365 access to market-leading mental health This includes financial & legal information and more
  • Access to excellent EAP counselling services
  • Mental health in the workplace training. There's our range of workshops, accredited Mental Health First Aid training and more
  • Our smartphone app My Healthy Advantage. It provides comprehensive health and wellbeing support in the palm of your hand

Why is workplace wellbeing so important?

It helps when you’re open about the importance of mental health at work. You help your employees' emotional, psychological and social wellbeing through five clear benefits:

  • Employees take fewer days off with mental health symptoms. And, if they are unwell, they stay off work as they should
  • You enhance your overall business reputation providing a duty of care to your employees
  • Work becomes a happier place to be, which helps you attract the best talent
  • Employees become much more motivated and their work output improves
  • Your best people stay loyal to both you and your business, reducing staff turnover

Let’s talk about  how Health Assured’s EAP can support you and  your business. Arrange a call back from a workplace wellbeing expert today.

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