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Bereavement Counselling Services

Support your staff in some of the hardest times in their life. Our goal is to support people and help them get back to normality with grief and bereavement counselling.

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Expert loss and bereavement counselling

Coping with grief and loss is a tough part of life. Everyone will experience loss at some point in their life. This will inevitably have an enormous impact on their social and professional life.

Grief can come in all forms, not just from immediate relationships. It can occur to close friends and pet owners.

Whether it is the death of a loved one or even the loss of a relationship, your employees will need support.

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What you get with bereavement counselling

  • A 24/7, 365 confidential phone line. All calls answered by experienced in-house counsellors, legal and financial specialists
  • Expert bereavement counselling in the UK
  • Face-to-to-face, telephone or online EAP counselling
  • Animal bereavement counselling
  • Email & live chat counselling: someone to talk to any time of day
EAP counselling services

Stages of bereavement counselling

We offer a comprehensive in-person, telephone and online bereavement counselling service. We can help an employee with complicated grief and bereavement. Here are the levels of support you can expect for your employees.

Phone assessment

The first time an employee calls up, one of our qualified counsellors will assess them over the phone. An employee may not know they need bereavement counselling specifically. Our counsellors will target what they need and match them with their ideal counsellor.

Introduction with your counsellor

There will be an appointment with the designated counsellor. Together they will develop rapport and a plan. They will discuss what kind of support they need, whether it be pet bereavement support or family-based. The therapist will look at the different stages of grief and analyse which stage they are in.

Formal solution-based counselling sessions

Here at Health Assured, our goal is to get employees healthy and back to work as soon as possible. We use short-term, solution-based counselling. Each counselling service is regular, intensive and effective. This includes our bereavement counselling online services, telephone services and in-person sessions.

Assessment of sessions

As the sessions are solution-based, the counsellor and employee will discuss the progress they have made together. They will then recap any tools they’ve gained to help cope with their issues. This allows the employee to see clear progress and help them cope better with the loss in the future.

What bereavement counselling service we offer

We have a team of trained bereavement and mental health counsellors. We can help with people bereaved by suicide, experiencing the loss of a pet or the loss of a loved one.

  • *Child bereavement counselling *

Helping an employee through the loss of a child, child bereavement in the UK is a huge hurdle for many returning to work.

  • Family bereavement counselling

Assisting an employee cope with the loss of a family member, with many losing parents and other close family members during their career.

  • Suicide bereavement counselling

Every year, around 800 000 people die by suicide globally, which means it is likely one of your employees will be affected by this. Find a therapist who can help with the trauma this causes to your employees.

  • Pet bereavement counselling

A loved pet can be an important member of the household. Pet bereavement services allow someone to come to terms with the loss of a beloved pet.

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Welsh Ambulance NHS Service Trust has used Health Assured as it’s EAP for the past 2 years and the service has been extremely well received by our staff. We were given support from day 1 with communications, leaflets, manager guides to promote the service which has been very helpful.

Ceri Bryant |Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service Manager