3 Serious Mistakes You Probably Make With Your Emotions

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06 June 2017

Emotions are to therapists as numbers are to an accountant, a hammer is to a builder, or an engine is to an auto mechanic.

We simply cannot do our jobs without them.

Since I’ve been treating individuals and couples in my therapy office for almost twenty years, I have learned a great deal about emotions and how they work. I’ve also seen an almost endless number of different ways that emotions can wreak havoc in people’s lives.

Interestingly, we all see the things that happen in our lives as the cause of our problems, and truly, events can be incredibly challenging.

Your car breaks down on the highway, you are laid off from your job, or your child drops out of school. Yes, all of these have a great impact on your happiness and well-being, for sure.

But think of these events as a rock dropping into the pond of your life. You can allow the ripple effects to go on and on and on, outward into every area of your existence. Or you can respond in a strong and healthy way, by taking charge of those ripple effects before they infiltrate your entire life.

One of the most effective tools for taking charge when a rock is dropped into your pond has little to do with the nature of the rock itself and everything to do with the ripple effects, or the emotions you have in response to its impact.

Excerpt from Psych Central, read the full article here.

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