4 tips for dealing with negative thinking when the world seems doomed

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15 February 2017

From politics to our home lives, the world can be an overwhelming place. But being immobilised by negative thoughts doesn't help anyone. Whether you’re wringing your hands over the unpredictability of Trump or Brexit, or distracted by anxiety towards your relationship, there’s nothing fun about being plagued by negative thoughts. A recent survey by Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association showed that the divisive 2016 presidential election in the US, from which Donald Trump emerged victorious, 52 per cent of adults in the US said that the race was a very or somewhat significant source of stress. Charities like the Mental Health Foundation, meanwhile, have advised those worried by the uncertainty of Brexit - whatever your political leaning - on how to deal with their emotions. Excerpt from The Independent Online, to read the full article visit their website here.

Immigration advice

As a result of Brexit, Health Assured made the decision to include provision for immigration advice in order to best support its clients and their employees. Immigration advice is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). There is a legal requirement that immigration advice comes from a regulated professional therefore anyone who provides it without such authorisation potentially commits a criminal offence. Although Health Assured are not authorised to provide this advice, we do take additional steps on behalf of our clients and outsource contact with a regulated advisor. This is not a typical service and therefore presents certain limitations regarding times and days that the advisor will be available. However it means that we are able to arrange a telephone consultation at no additional cost.

Given the expense of privately instructing an immigration advisor we find that our clients are more than happy to receive a call within these hours. For more information on dealing with the aftermath of Brexit, see our previous article here.

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