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23 May 2018

One of the best ways to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace is to provide education around aspects which may need extra support. To help ensure that as much information as possible is available to those who need it, it is critical that the employer encourages a culture of openness amongst the workforce. This includes discussing subjects which may be more specific to certain groups. In order to help towards this, we have put together a guide to women’s health, common factors which can impact this and what can be done to improve it.

What can affect women’s health?

While mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can impact anyone from any background at any stage of their life, studies have shown that women are slightly more likely to develop these problems. Alongside this, women are more vulnerable to suffering from feelings of extreme loneliness after a major event such as a bereavement. An EAP service can be a great source of support and guidance to any person who may experience these problems after a bereavement, or to those who may need somewhere to turn at any point. This service will ensure that employees have full access to experienced professional counsellors. These experts will be able to spot symptoms of depression or other warning signs, and help individuals work towards recovery in the most suitable way for them. This could also be an option for women returning to work after suffering with postnatal depression, as it will give them somewhere to turn for support should they need it. Along with this a mental health first aid course can help peers support each other by encouraging open communication and teach all employees to recognise symptoms in co-workers, family and their peers and offer help.

Physical health

As with mental health, the physical health of women has certain areas that need unique care. Our corporate nutrition workshops can help to point women in the right direction as to which foods they can eat to help boost their health and wellbeing. This can be supported by encouraging healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and encouraging employees to keep hydrated by having water machines in the workplace. It is also important that women are aware of the check-ups that are available to them that should be performed to maintain a good overall wellbeing. These include regular smear test and breast self-exams. A great way for a workplace to show that they are supportive of women’s health is to get involved with the various breast cancer awareness campaigns which are available across the nation. Taking these points into consideration and ensuring that each action that’s taken in the workplace works towards better employee wellbeing will help to improve the lives of everyone in it. If you need further advice with any of the points raised here, please get in touch and contact our team of experts, who are always willing to help.

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