However, to make a real difference businesses must take a holistic approach that goes beyond pure physical health to focus on mental and emotional wellbeing too. Organisations from every sector are being encouraged to forget about gimmicks such as gym discounts or free fruit, and integrate wellbeing into performance management, so it holds equal importance with sales or hitting targets.

This is the approach taken at insurer Direct Line Group, where mental wellbeing is built into the fabric of the business and its performance management policies. In both the measurement and rewarding of staff performance, 50% is focused on achievements and 50% on how they are achieved.

“It is quite a statement because it says we don’t tolerate people who do some brilliant things, but not in the right way,” explains marketing director Mark Evans. “We have put our money where our mouth is in terms of appreciating and demanding things are done in the right way.”

Evans believes performance management should be a regular conversation that treats development and financial targets equally. All one-to-one conversations between an employee and their manager are recorded and monitored, so it becomes part of the manager’s responsibilities to help their people develop.