The Benefits of Providing an Employee Assistance Programme

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01 February 2016

Benefits of an EAP infographic The benefits of providing as Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) include;

  1. Increased Productivity - 24% improvement in productivity with the implementation of an EAP. reference;
  2. Reduced Company Costs - In the US, lost productivity and absenteeism alone, cost businesses $312 billion annually. Reference;
  3. Increased Staff Morale - 78% of people in excellent health report being happy in their job, compared to 51% in poor health. Reference
  4. Lowered Accident Rate - 4.1 million working days are lost annually due to workplace injuries. Reference;
  5. Reduced Absenteeism - 36% improvement in employee absenteeism. Reference;
  6. Reduced Staff Attrition - according to Employee Assistance Report, between 65-80% of workplace terminations relate to personal reasons. Reference, Employee Assistance Report, 2001
  7. Improved Staff Performance - with legal/financial, work/life services included as part of the EAP, work loss was avoided in 39% of case. reference:
  8. Professional Support - According to the 2010 General Social Survey from Statistics Canada, 27 per cent of workers described their lives on most days as “quite a bit” or “extremely” stressful. Reference:

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