Benefits of a Whistleblowing Policy at Work

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05 March 2018

In a busy workplace with many employees, it is easy for issues which may be troubling individuals or teams not be brought to attention of the appropriate channels for employees’ fear of repercussion.   This is especially true if there is not a service in place for reporting any inappropriate behaviour. By incorporating a whistleblowing support policy within the workplace, staff will feel confident to report serious issues such as criminal activity, misconduct, or actions that endanger the health or safety of employees or the public. Without such a policy in place, important issues can be left lingering and unresolved. Read on to find out more about how a whistleblowing policy can improve the workplace:

Provides confidentiality

  Whistleblowing support provides a confidential service which allows employees to draw attention to any issues that they feel are inappropriate for the workplace.   Many employees are concerned that by reporting something they feel is inappropriate, this could lead to a negative impact on the workforce atmosphere or even cause them to lose their job. But staff should feel confident that with a whistleblowing policy in place, those who do come forward will remain anonymous, so they do not need to be worried about sharing the information. The service also provides independent, impartial advice on the situation, which helps staff feel comfortable enough to speak up.  

Everyone can access support

Making a whistleblowing policy explicit to all employees means that everybody has access to support when they need it. This gives staff the confidence to come forward should they witness any inappropriate behaviour. Here at Health Assured, we help workplaces around the country implement their very own whistleblowing policy. We have trained counsellors who can offer 24/7 telephone support and are qualified to answer any concerns that employees may have. Talking to a third party is beneficial if employees are worried about reporting an incident to someone who is a manager or colleague.

Useful reports of misconduct

  Having a clearly defined whistleblowing blowing policy which is well communicated to staff helps prevent any confusion about how it should be used and what the benefits are. This will help to prevent the service being used for personal grievances rather than wrongdoings within the company and increase the number of valid reports for investigating.  

Expectations of the service

By implementing a policy of this kind and outlining its benefits, staff will know how it works, and won’t have unrealistic expectations about how long it takes for issues to be resolved or actions to be met. Setting expectations will stop workers from becoming disgruntled and will limit the risk of people using the policy in a dishonest fashion to get things resolved quicker. When staff feel pressured in a workplace it can have an impact on their mental wellbeing, so by having a whistleblowing support policy in place, this gives them the opportunity to clear their mind of worries at work. A whistleblowing policy will also show that employees’ views and opinions are valued in the workplace.   If a whistleblowing policy is needed in your workplace, contact Health Assured today - we can help you get started.

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