How bosses can make their workplace more mental health friendly

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25 July 2017

I’m incredibly lucky to work somewhere that’s mental health friendly. By that I mean somewhere that won’t sack me for admitting I frequently use their loos as a panic attack station, with bosses who’ll understand if I need time off, and who don’t pressure their staff to the point that they’re total wrecks working hours overtime because they’re scared of being told off. Lots of people aren’t so lucky. Not everyone has a boss that understands mental health, that appreciates the importance of it, and who’ll praise staff for taking time off for mental health related reasons rather than dismissing their issues. Plus, even workplaces that consider the impact of stress and wellbeing on productivity can improve, right? Even the most positive, supportive workplace can bring in new initiatives and ideas to make people feel happier and healthier. So with that in mind, here are some simple ways bosses can make their workplaces more mental health friendly. Accept that time off for mental health reasons is just as valid as time for physical health related reasons If you wouldn’t kick up a fuss about someone taking time off for the flu, you should be just as accepting of an employee needing a day at home because their anxiety is flaring up or they need to adjust to their new medication. ‘You should respond in exactly the same way as they would respond to another request for either sick leave, compassionate leave, or discretionary leave,’ Chris O’Sullivan, head of business development and engagement at Mental Health Foundation.   Excerpt from Metro, read the full article here.

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