How Can Critical Incident Stress Management Help Employees?

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11 January 2018

A critical or traumatic incident can incur a strong negative emotional response in individuals. An example of this is the news of a serious illness or a road accident. Understandably, such an event can easily impede a person’s ability to function normally, and this can vary in severity. While some people may be able to work through the aftermath on their own, others can find this hard to process or work through. In more extreme cases, if little or the wrong kind of support is offered to individuals, further issues can arise, making recovery harder. This is one of the reasons why an employer should consider offering a support system in the workplace, aiding their employees in being mentally well and supported at all times, including after a critical incident. Read on to discover how we can help you or any managers improve corporate wellness in the workplace. Here is how Critical Incident Stress Management can help employees:

Expert guidance

Talking to friends, colleagues and family can certainly help in a difficult situation, but in a critical incident when a person’s mental wellbeing can be significantly affected, it can help to have a trained specialist to talk to. A qualified counsellor, or a critical incident stress management team, will be able to understand exactly what an individual is going through in relation to what they have experienced. Along with this, they are fully trained to analyse a person’s responses in the event of trauma, so employees can get the support they need to recover.

Tailored services

Everyone reacts differently to traumatic events or has different needs. This is why it is so vital that the support provided through a Critical Incident Stress Management debrief service is tailored to the individual. For one of our clients, we provided a high level of critical incident support for a group of international students, while taking into account language barriers and effects of the different environment that they were in. Tailored support like this, can help individuals to feel valued and like they are treated respectfully and fully supported during difficult times, which can help them to combat and work through the negative emotions they may be struggling with.

24-hour support

Whether the critical incident is classed as minor, moderate or severe it will have an impact on employees’ lives. Offering 24-hour support will mean that there will always be someone for affected individuals to turn to, regardless of the time or other outside factors. Providing a CISM service which offers this high level of specialist care and support during these life-changing events is a good way to show that staff wellbeing is a workplace priority. As well as this, it will ensure that they are not alone during this time. As you can see, there any many ways that introducing a critical incident stress management service can benefit employees’ lives and improve the overall atmosphere of the workplace. If you need more advice or wish to implement our CISM service, contact us today.

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