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23 February 2018

A Critical Incident Stress Management service can help those affected by traumatic incidents to work through their reactions and responses in healthy, productive ways. When critical incidents occur, people can react in many different ways, and while some may actively seek support, others may hide their feelings. As reactions can also be unpredictable, it is important to ensure that everyone has some guidance and somewhere to turn, should they need it. If staff have been affected physically or emotionally by a critical incident and you are looking for ways to manage the response, or to prepare for the future, it is good to know what a CISM service includes. Read below to see what support we offer, and how it can greatly benefit employee wellbeing:

Instant support

We offer a range of critical incident support services, including our 24-hour telephone helpline led by our trained in-house trauma practitioners. This telephone support will begin the minute a call is received to report a critical incident by a manager, as immediate guidance will be given to the caller on how to support those affected. The primary practitioner will gather details of the incident during the initial call. These details will include what the cause of the incident is, where it is taking place, how many people are affected and how much support will be needed. This will allow a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) to be formed, which will be given within 24 hours to the caller. The CMP is tailored in length and content depending on the incident type, and onsite support will be given accordingly.

On-site support

Our on-site support for critical incidents takes place in the form of group briefings and group recovery meetings, in order to offer on-site emotional support to multiple individuals at once. Once a call is taken by the primary practitioner, the secondary practitioner will ensure that CISM responders are mobilised to the relevant area. They will also share the detailed CMP plan that was formed earlier with these specially trained CISM responders, who will put it into action when they reach the site. We aim to offer this on-site support as quickly as possible. For one client, whose staff experienced the death of an employee during the working day on a late Thursday afternoon, we were able to be on-site by Monday. As well as this, we provided a critical incident stress debriefing the day after the incident, to ensure that everything was ready for our on-site visit. After the initial on-site support, we can arrange follow up aftercare support if we believe it is needed.  

Critical Incident Stress Management Training

As well as helping to manage the incident ourselves, we can offer support to teach managers what signs to look out for in those struggling. This will help those in senior roles to spot anyone who may be struggling with their mental health, as well as understand how people may react differently to a critical incident. Learning such reactions can help to provide a more prepared outlook to each working day following the traumatic event. This can provide a calmer atmosphere, allowing employees to feel supported and listened to, helping to make recovery as stress-free as possible.

Personalised support

We can offer CISM support tailored to a certain incident, which will provide employees with more personalised care. An example of this can be taken from one of our clients who required support for international students following a critical incident. For this, we considered language barriers, upcoming cultural holidays and dealing with change. Having support tailored to the specific situation will add extra value and ensure that individuals are getting the thorough level of care they need, reducing the risk of further issues occurring.

Further support

If extra support is needed once the incident is managed, our CISM responders will provide fact sheets and contact details for our EAP service. This will allow local resource networks to facilitate comprehensive follow-up support, which will ensure that everyone feels like they have fully recovered from the situation and has access to advice. As you can see, Health Assured provides comprehensive support services that can help corporate wellness when faced with trauma. If you need any further information, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

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