Why is Corporate Wellness Important?

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22 January 2018

In recent years it has become more apparent to employers that workplace wellbeing is something to take heed of. In fact, according to the Mental Health at Work Report 2017, 84% of employers acknowledged that they have a responsibility towards their employees’ mental wellbeing. However, did you know that it is important to look after your employees’ physical wellbeing too? Corporate wellness programmes can help with this, as they adopt both mental and physical health wellbeing techniques. Having such a scheme in place will ensure employees are happy and healthy not just at work, but within their personal lives too. If you are thinking of implementing a corporate wellbeing service but aren’t sure how it will benefit your business, then read on: Directly links to employee happiness Employees spend an incredible amount of their waking hours in the workplace. Therefore, if their health and happiness is not cared for here, it can have a big impact, and reduce their quality of life significantly. This means it is important to make it clear that you have your employees’ best interests at heart and proactively look for ways to improve the work environment, and care for their mental and physical well being too. Looking out for staff’s health and happiness will also greatly increase their motivation and ability to work to their full potential.

Enhances reputation

        It is incredibly easy as an employer to develop a reputation based on how you care for your employees. If you are losing employees due to a lack of interest in corporate wellness, it can quickly diminish your reputation as a business and deter potential new employees from joining the team. To ensure you are an appealing employer, is a good idea to take pride in corporate wellbeing and avoid losing employees due to lack of consideration for their happiness and health.

Reduces absenteeism

Research has shown that individuals with mental health conditions are three times more likely to suffer long-term sickness. Therefore, it is important that an open and supportive workplace is encouraged, which can help employees to talk about and deal with any issues they may be facing. As well as this, offering a structured return to work to support employees in returning to work after sickness can make their return easier and help them feel supported. With absences costing the UK economy billions per year, these employee absence management techniques help alleviate these pressures.

Improves productivity

Employees who are struggling with their health and wellbeing can find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand. As well as this, if they do not feel as though they are valued in the company, their motivation levels will understandably be in danger of falling. Therefore, ensuring that all employees have equal opportunities and access to services that can help, if they feel they need it, increases wellbeing and as a result productivity. Offering our EAP service to your staff can help to give them access to any support that they feel they may need, at any given time. Not only this, but employing this wellbeing service is a great way to show your support to the team, in a way that you may not be able to do personally. As you can see, there are many ways in which looking after your corporate wellbeing will benefit your employees and you as an employer. If you have any thoughts or questions on this subject, feel free to contact our team of specialists who are always happy to help.

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