Cycling to work could be a great way to combat stress

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12 July 2017

The dreaded commute is often cited as one of the worst parts of the working day, especially in summertime when temperatures start to soar and trains, cars or buses become unbearably hot. But what if we were to tell you that there is, in fact, a mode of transport that will deliver you to the office feeling calm and ready to face the day?

It seems that – according to a new study –  cycling should become your go-to method of travel if you often struggle to start the day on the right foot, as it has been shown to boost people's moods and effectively reduce stress.

The research

Having all agreed that biking to the office left them feeling positive and refreshed, the study's three authors decided to go about finding empirical evidence that cycling gives workers the  best possible start to the day. Stéphane Brutus, professor of motivation and employee performance at Concordia University in Canada, said:

"We were discussing amongst ourselves the good feeling we'd get every time we rode our bikes to work."

He added:

"Anecdotally, we felt like we were a step ahead, first thing in the morning, of the rest of our coworkers who insisted on taking cars or public transportation."
  Excerpt from Net Doctor, read the full article here.

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