How do I deal with stress at work?

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17 August 2017

Always feel like you need a holiday? We speak to experts about avoiding office burnout. We live in a culture where being stressed at work is considered pretty normal. Most of us are guilty of declaring we have far too much on, complain to friends about issues in the office, no matter how small in the grand scheme of things, and think about our jobs long after clocking off. But when does a healthy amount of adrenaline pumping in the lead up to a deadline or before a presentation, turn into stress that risks seeing you burned out or developing anxiety? If you regularly have to step outside the office to calm down, your day-to-day stress levels could be turning into a problem. "Things like long working hours, excessive workload, and poor relationships with colleagues can all lead to unmanageable stress. Prolonged, unmanageable stress can lead to mental health problems like depression or anxiety," says Emma Mamo, head of workplace wellbeing at the mental health charity Mind.
"Unmanageable stress affects us all in different ways, but there are signs to look out for: Feeling irritated, finding it hard to sleep or struggling to concentrate. You may feel really upset and emotional. You might also notice some physical signs, like headaches, upset stomach, or difficulty breathing."
2016 figures from the government-backed Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found stress now accounts for 37% of work-related illness. So what can you do in the office when you feel your stress levels getting out of control?   Excerpt from The Mail, read the full article here.

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