How Education Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

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25 April 2018

Educating employees in ways that they can improve their wellness is a great step towards a healthier workplace. Bringing attention to different factors affecting their wellbeing that they may be neglecting allows them to diagnose their own weak spots and actively make changes for improvement. Managers who wish to provide their employees with this type of education can use different methods, but some are far more effective than others. Here are some of the best ways to educate staff, with the aim of promoting better employee wellbeing.


Wellbeing Workshops

Providing wellbeing workshops for employees is an excellent way to educate them on what factors contribute to their overall health and mental wellbeing. Here at Health Assured, we offer a number of high quality, educational workshops that cover all aspects of personal wellbeing. Whether there is a need for further resources to educate on mental health problems or a desire to boost corporate physical health, there are wellbeing workshops available for all requirements. These workshops, offered by our wellbeing experts can completely change employees’ lifestyles by emphasising the importance of stress management, exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

What wellbeing courses do we offer?

Nutrition courses can improve workplace wellbeing by giving employees guidance on the importance of healthy eating, and what they should eat to reduce stress and boost their mood. Health Food for Fitness During this workshop, superfoods will be discussed, alongside which foods can improve energy, concentration and productivity. Our stress management programme teaches employees and supervisors to recognise the symptoms and triggers of high stress, allowing them to deal with this in a healthy way before further issues arise. This workshop also guides employees towards self-evaluating their own wellbeing and taking steps towards improving their lives. We also offer workshops that teach staff how to employ resilience at work and exercise mindfulness, which guide them into different ways of thinking to improve their mental wellbeing. Alongside this we provide wellbeing courses focusing on change management and mental health awareness. Actively providing education and demonstrating examples of how these can impact a life works better than simply giving employees a sheet of written facts.

How do these courses work?

As our workshops encourage employees to ask themselves questions such as ‘How Am I?’, we take a more active role in educating staff than simply providing flyers or videos containing facts. Applying the information that they are given to their own life will give employees a personalised, relatable experience. This allows them to take away the information they really need and make the necessary changes, rather than being overloaded with facts. employee wellbeing Alongside this, implementing these workshops will encourage an open communication workplace culture that will allow employees to discuss wellbeing with their colleagues. This type of culture will allow staff to share any helpful pointers they may have regarding wellbeing, and ensure that they feel comfortable discussing any issues or difficulties they may be facing. If you feel as though our workshops would improve corporate employee wellbeing in your workplace, and you are interested in implementing them, contact our team of experts today. We would love to help you take the next steps in your staff wellness journey.

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