Employees ‘need mental health support to deal with physical illness’

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07 March 2017

Employees who initially present with physical health conditions need support for mental health and emotional problems in practically all cases, according to RedArc’s team of nurses.   The company found that no matter what the individual’s physical health condition, some level of additional mental or emotional problem also needs to be dealt with after the initial diagnosis.   Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc, said an increasing number of employers are looking for insurance policies that give peace of mind to employees who are dealing with mental health problems as a result of a physical condition.   Excerpt from Health Insurance Daily, read the full article here.   Typical Responses to a Critical Incident A traumatic event, or a critical incident, can be any event that causes unusually strong emotional reactions that have the potential to interfere with the ability to function normally.   Even though the event maybe over, you may now be experiencing or may experience later, some strong emotional or physical reactions. It is very common, in fact quite normal, for people to experience emotional ‘aftershocks’ when they have been exposed to a horrific event or personal trauma.   Sometimes the emotional aftershocks (or stress reactions) appear immediately after the traumatic event. Or they may appear a few hours or a few days later. And, in some cases, weeks or months may pass before the stress reactions appear.   The signs or symptoms of a stress reaction may last a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or longer, depending on the severity of the traumatic event. The understanding and the support of loved ones usually cause the stress reactions to pass more quickly.   Occasionally, the traumatic event is so painful that professional assistance may be necessary. This does not imply mental instability or weakness. It simply indicates that the particular event was just too powerful for the person to manage by themselves.   In addition to the support offered by our team of fully qualified counsellors, Health Assured also works with RedArc to offer a Serious Illness and Accident Support enhanced options, to provide specialist support from a highly qualified Personal Nurse Advisor in the event of an accident, long term disability or diagnosis of a serious health condition.

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