Engaging With Your Children Over The Summer Holidays

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14 July 2015

We all know that it’s hard to think of ways to keep children active over the six week holidays.
When children would much rather play on video games and watch TV it can be difficult to get them to engage in other activities.  Health Assured have come up with a list of five activities to get your children off the sofa and having a more active and engaging summer.
  1. Board games are more fun when they are personal – so why not take some stickers, some coloured pens, a piece of card and some dice and encourage the kids to design something that taps into their lives, like a journey to school incarnation of Snakes And Ladders with drawings of your own local landmarks.
  2. Build a den! Your toddler will pretend it’s a castle. Your eight-year-old will pretend it’s a disco. Your teenager might well move in there full-time. All you need are some chairs, some string, a few bed sheets and perhaps some cheap bamboo sticks.
  3. ‘Geocaching’ is a global treasure hunt going on right now. All you have to do is visitgeocaching.comand enter your home location – or perhaps that of somewhere you’re visiting – and you will be told the coordinates of secret containers (often filled with prizes) that are hidden near you. There are 2,176,906 “caches” hidden around the world!
  4. Pack a picnic for a fun day out with friends. Head down to the nearest park with friends, make your own food and enjoy the sun while chilling out
  5. Go for a bike ride. Enjoy the sun on your bike for a day. Spend a day catching up with friends. Bike for miles and even stop for lunch, and the best bit is its exercise as well as fun!

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