A Guide to Employee Absence Management

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12 January 2018

Employee absence costs UK businesses billions per year, so knowing which factors can contribute to it is an important issue for higher level staff and management. Understanding the problems members of staff are facing that are reducing their ability to perform their daily duties, will help to remove the common misconception that there is nothing managers can do to help. There are plenty of absence management methods which can improve an individual’s quality of life, and ensure that they feel valued and supported in the workplace. Read on for a guide on employee absence management, and to discover why it is an excellent way to change the workplace for the better.

How does it work?

Employee absence management is important for employers as it will help improve productivity and profitability, and indicate that employees are fit, healthy and well. This in turn will help ensure staff are satisfied in their roles. It can be implemented in a number of ways, depending on the individual circumstances. Common examples of an absence management service will usually include supporting staff through any critical incidents or situations that they are going through.


Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) helps staff understand and cope with their feelings following an incident which may impact their lives on a traumatic scale. Offering support during such a crucial time will mean that recovery is worked towards in a healthy way, with the guidance and support of a professional. This will ensure that employees’ mental wellness is kept in mind, and that they never feel alone during this sensitive period of their lives.

EAP Service

An EAP service is one of the most influential absence management methods available to staff, whatever concerns they may be facing. This is incredibly useful whether the individual is experiencing pressures at work, financial stress, relationship issues or other upsetting factors in their lives. Having a professional voice to turn to in these situations will help to work towards recovery. Being able to continue working throughout their treatment will help minimise the effect their situation has on their life, and improve absenteeism in the workplace.

Specialist counselling

Our specialists will be able to offer round-the-clock face-to-face or telephone counselling to help employees feel able and valued at work. We also show managers and supervisors how to spot signs of stress or mental health problems in employees that can indicate that they may need extra support. As well as this, we offer advice on how to approach them.

Work Capability Assessments

A Work Capability Assessment will help reassure employees that they are able to return to work and support them with their decision to do so. This service will thoroughly assess an individual and ensure that returning to work is the best step forward in their recovery. Not only is this beneficial to the employee as it will prevent them from pushing themselves too hard, but it will mean that the chance of further absenteeism is reduced. As you can see, there are many benefits to introducing employee absence management services into your workplace. For more information on the steps that you can take to incorporate these, feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to help you.  

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