Health Information Week 2017

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26 June 2017

Health Information Week is a multi-sector campaign to promote the good quality health resources that are available to the public.

This campaign aims to encourage partnership working across sectors benefitting the public by raising awareness of the resources that are available.


In 2005, Health Information Week was held for the first time and the success of the campaign has made it an annual event. The previous campaigns were followed by wide consultation with those who took part and feedback was gathered. A report is available from many previous Health Information Weeks. HIW is always the first full week of July. Having a multi-sectored campaign to promote quality health information will fulfil some of the national priorities, for example:
  • Patients and the public use the right knowledge and evidence, at the right time, in the right place (Knowledge for Healthcare, Health Education England)
  • Encourage partnership working and improve access to quality local information (Better Information, Better Choices, Better Health, DOH)
  • Local communities leading for health (Choosing Health, DOH)
  • Promote healthier communities (Public Libraries Impact Measures)
  • Providing evidence based services, advice and information on health and wellbeing interventions (Professional Standards for Public Health Practice for Pharmacy)
  • Information, combined with the right support, is the key to better care, better outcomes and reduced costs (Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS)
  • Good information and communication promote health literacy, treatment adherence, self-management, shared decision-making, confidence and realistic expectations. (Information: A report from the NHS Future Forum)
It is hoped that working together with other partners will improve the overall access to quality health resources which will benefit the public.

How can you get involved?

  • Follow the week’s events and join the campaign via Twitter: #HIW2017
  • Plan your own health information display or event –
    • Contact other health information providers in your area (eg: Public Health, Health Promotion, Public Libraries, Health Libraries, local voluntary organisations etc.):
    • See the report from HIW2016 for inspiration
  • Promote HIW to staff and public, even if you are not holding an event or display:
    • Use your own twitter account or ask your comms team to tweet about your own events and other local events to support your local peers –use #HIW2017
  • Visit other events in your area and meet those involved to see if you might join forces next year

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